Monday, 1 September 2008

You'll never guess what Thursday is

I love the way that each and every year, I refuse to give my friends (or, more accurately, 248 people, maybe 7 of which I would consider actual, "hows your day been, love" friends) an excuse for not remembering International Jo Day.

My main dilemma this week is how to get maximum word of birthday coverage around the office where I'm laying my cloak of wisdom and service-gratis this week, when I don't really know anyone or have reason to drop it into a casual conversation. Maybe I'll just buy a badge. "Oh whoopsy! Must have forgotton to take it off!". Hmmm. Realistically, I'll probably have to start laying the ground work on Wednesday, maybe Tuesday afternoon...give it time for the news to get to the person who would buy cake, for example.

Probably the office skivvy.

Oh, balls. That's me.


The Unbearable Banishment said...

It sounds like a mission that requires precision and military-like execution. Well, there’s a big chocolate payoff at the end so I suppose no act of reportage or hinting can be considered too extreme. Hummm…a Virgo. That explains a lot.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Do you want a present from the Congo? I have some great fertility symbols.

Anonymous said...

Now you see, if you worked for me you'd not only get flowers, but also the day off without using any of your holiday entitlement.

But because you don't, you won't :p

fear.of.landing said...

I like to do a big birthday countdown everywhere. I let everyone know when it hits the 30 day mark. Maybe you could put up a big countdown in your office/workspace? It is 20 days til my birthday. (I am totally stealing your International Day idea)

Miss Understood said...

How about saying to the boss "Would it be ok to leave half an hour early on THURSDAY because it's my BIRTHDAY"

Rol said...

I wish I could still get excited about my birthday.

Oh, hang on... I *never* got excited about my birthday. Just forget I said anything.

Anonymous said...

Just get someone to ring you up today at work when all the office folk are around to say "happy birthday" and say loudly "oh no, you're 2 days early, it's my birthday on Thursday not today." Then repeat on Wednesday.

Anyway, I will not be around on Thursday so I will say happy birthday now. I hope it's a good one!

248 friends. Wow!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

unbearable - I'm all about the chocolate and cake pay off. What does the Virgo bit explain?

Gorilla - Love one. What colours do they come in?

perpetual - You hiring? Need an office lacky who can't spell Team? I'm your girl.

fear - Steal away, the way I see it the more people who become used to International .... Days, the closer we are to getting a bank holiday in our honour.

Miss - I did one better. Today someone asked if I wanted to go to a screening on Thursday evening, to which I replied with a smile "Ahhh, it's my birthday on Thursday, so I'm not sure what I'm doing" SCORE!

Rol - Why ever not? It's the one day people give you presents FOR FREE, and you don't even have to get anything back for them.

reluctant - Don't be too impressed. Facebook's friend statistics are meaningless. I count my friends by birthday cards, not facebook greetings. :D

surviving myself said...

International? I better get the parade ready!


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