Saturday, 6 September 2008

Longest sentence in the world

Ready? One minute, the subject is birthday. GO!

Highlights included getting my hair curled in Selfridges about 10 mins before closing...err, except as soon as the girl realised we weren't going to buy the £150 'infra red' (wordever) straighteners, she kind of lost interest a bit... and that was after the boyfriend and I went for a nice Lebanese meal at Levant which is a bloody nice place to eat....after a day at work, where despite having only been there for 4 days they got me CAKE...(yes, when all else fails, tell the other work experience girl it's your birthday, bound to spread the word)....and a card....and a goody bag when I left yesterday....which is now sitting in Charing Cross station because boyfriend, I and a load of mates went out on the town...namely to Gordon's which is a great place to drink if it's not British monsoon season...followed by some queue jumping outside a very cool club underneath London Bridge station...where we found a mystical forest, an old piano, theatre screens, a band, dark tunnels, dolls faces on the wall, a kissing box, a toy dog on a lead, dark corners and lots of alcohol.

Random, eh.


Reluctant Blogger said...

Sounds like a good birthday.

I like your new photo by the way.

Miss Understood said...

Here, have a birthday present. x

I knew your workmates would do something!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Thanks reluctant!

miss - Awesome choice. Have been meaning to read that for ages, given my niggles when it comes to all things grammatical. You are a kind and thoughtful lady!


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