Non-Annoying Blogs

A selection of bloggers embedded in my Reader in vaguely alphabetical order: some update regularly, some don't (but all are worth the wait)

Awesome Women + Twitter + Gin + Cake = AWOT

Blonde’s Better Judgements on men, dating and home counties living, darling.

The Bloggess. Does what it says on the tin. 

Amy Cooks and Eats. And blogs.

Ellie does Daily Smoke in Madrid.

Fwenge Hates The Earth and everybody in it. Especially himself.

Kat Brown has an Exotic Maypole

Lizzie has Hollow Legs

Laura’s life in a day. Or day in the life. Something like that.

Becky Brynholf is all "Oh, Hello Narcissm!"

Katie Khan writes about Awkward Situations for Girls.

Parlez Vous Moo?” asked Nutty Cow, before moving to Switzerland.

Ellen has stopped blogging her Spurious Anecdotes and Other Tall Stories.

The Pink Jelly Baby: girly, pink, not single any more.

The Unbearable Banishment of a theatre and family loving New Yorker, living in New Jersey.

Rosie's continual attempts at turning clandestine.

The Trials and Tribulations of a Lass from London, and her Chuppies from Man-land.

Helen blogs With Eyes Wide Open


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