Wednesday, 18 May 2011

What have you come as: Fashion? Function? Or Fancy Dress?

London attracts its fair share of passing voyeurs. They come for tours, they gather with cameras, they line up outside buildings. They take photos, they screech, they stare, they stand in the way.

Some visitors are from our own fair country. But the majority are a foreign contingent. Set apart by their sizable rucksacks and hiking boots, the occasional sock / sandal combo and a penchant for denim jackets (Hard Rock Cafe logo optional), they travel mostly in groups. Big groups. Big, chattering groups that stand immobile where they have just disembarked, repeatedly counting themselves in case one member gets lost in the space between coach and pavement.

One such group caught my attention yesterday.

You could almost hear the briefing given by the tour leaders prior to this trip to big bad scary London.

"Wear your rucksacks on your front! Always carry a tube map! When in doubt, ask a Beefeater! Bring fingerless leather gloves! And most importantly, so that we can see you above the crowds...

...wear a BIG HAT."

Fashion or function? When it comes to the tourists, I can never quite decide.


London-Lass said...

Maybe that's not a top hat - just something he wears to cunningly hide the fact he has a very long and very tall head ... ?

Bloggzilla said...

Is that slash?! (guns and roses) Cuz thats a very hard look to pull off and not look like a crazy fashion victim.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Londonlass - God, I really hope so.

Bloggzilla - C'est the dilemma, was he going for fashion or function? Top hats. Hmmm. A difficult one.


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