Thursday, 9 December 2010

You know what London? You used to be FUN.

For the last week I have observed strange behaviour on the Central Line. It's all got a bit much for me now, so I've just got to ask.
London: what's with all the sensible shoes?

I look around and all I see are rain stained Uggs, lace up trainers and hiking boots; an abomination of chunky brown practicality.

First of all, we're on our way to work, not up Mount Everest. Secondly, there isn't any snow north of Maidstone or south of Scunthorpe, so what's the deal? Hmm? What's with all the hiking attire going through the heart of our lovely dry city, possibly the warmest place in the UK? Is there a climbing wall party on Chancery Lane that I'm not aware of?

Don't you remember when we used to have fun with our footwear? When trainers could be red, yellow, green and...errr..neon pink? When even boring brown brogues had a splattering of gold?

Yes, it's December. Yes, it's a bit chilly. But hiking boots?

Come on, people.

This is winter. Not war.


Ellie said...

Last week when I was in London I noticed an overabundance of wellies. Let's get real ... when there is snow and freezing temperatures, wellies are not the appropriate footwear. Ice is slippery. Wellies are slick. Wellies are for springtime, warm rains. Get those friggin' hiking boots on! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Based on my years travelling the tube backwards and forwards to Clapham I'd say wearing something with steel toe-caps would be a smart move; so many dozy gits stamped on my feet or dropped their ridiculously over-sized luggage on me (with a total absence of apology or recognition). I wouldn't mind so much but I am fairly hard to miss. I don't really 'blend into the background'. Bah.

So with this in mind, I reckon you're wrong - I reckon several of those hiking boots have concealed retractable spikes (at least mine would by now if I still had to troll around the Victoria line at rush hour) - it may be Winter but it's also, very definitely, war.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Props for your clandestine photo skills. You've always been one of the best.

Anonymous said...

Hiking boots today for me. Though in mitigation it is very icy here and I'm not in Londinium.

Anonymous said...

It was last Tuesday that the snow came down, with newsreaders and weather forecasters warning for days that it was coming.

On Tuesday morning, I took heed of the forecast and left the car at home, catching a bus to the station.

A schoolgirl got on the bus wearing those impossibly tiny flat slip on shoes that we all the rage over summer.

While most of Surrey has thawed out significantly, it appears that my suburb has not and we still have thick layers of compacted snow/ice covering a lot of the pavements (revealing the cold heart of the borough I think). There was a girl this morning hobbling along in 4-inch knee high boots.

I swear where I live is inhabited exclusively (bar me of course) by complete morons.

London-Lass said...

Aye but mebbe they be being worn by cunry folk such as mesel' who ye know happeneth still end up in London, aye, but actually cometh from cunry parts. If you follow.

It's actually been pretty icy/treacherous/falling flat on arsey type conditions up my end and, even though it's an almost tropical (some might say `unhealthy') climate in London travel not that far out (in my case, Essex) and it's a totally different barrel of fish.

That being said, I'm back in my slippery soled bow-fronted flats again (although shall be ditching these shortly if the recent weather reports are anything to go by).

Anonymous said...

I saw plenty of 4 inch heels when I was there over the weekend prompting that unusual running for the bus/tube gait that non-sensible shoes promotes. Four inch heel wellies could be a winner though...

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Ellie - Wellies don't work in the snow, AND they don't keep your feet warm either.

punctuation - Ok, you may have a point there. I only go to zone 2 every day at the moment so I tend to get off before going into the foot-stomping fray.

Unbearable - Why thank you. I have perfected it over the years.

Perp - Ok, hiking boots outside of London in snow is excuseable.

soup - I cannot disagree with you there. There are some bloody mental idiots around at the moment. The cold does that to people.

not twitter - You know what, I bet someone's already on the case on that one.

Rockabilly Hippie said...

trying to be lazy like us Americans is what it is! Stop the trend! Trust me, you don't want to see what I have to see everyday. I'm lucky if women even bother to get out of their PJs before heading out into public.

Good luck doll!

Much love,
Rockabilly Hippie


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