Wednesday, 25 February 2009

WHUCA Wednesday: Speed snap edition.

First off, let me apologise - firstly because if you thought the comments on the last post were bad taste, you ain't seen nothing yet. Secondly, I need to apologise because this photo isn't up to my usual "What Have You Come As?" standard. No no, I mean the clothes are hideous - that's a given - but the quality's pretty dire.

For those of you who aren't Londoners and haven't experienced Oxford Street in all it's people-pushing glory, you might not be able to appreciate how difficult it is to take a photo there. Let me explain: on Oxford Street, you can't stop. You must move at a suitably cheetah-like pace, preferably weaving in and out of the various obstructions (i.e. tourists, children and umbrellas), darting into the shops as and when you find a gap. There is no "excuse me" on Oxford Street. There is no "Oh, sorry, I do apologise for smacking you in the arm with my extra large Selfridges bag". There is definitely no "Hang on, go round me while I just stand here and take this photo". Therefore, when I spotted this little treat in front of me, I faced a pretty big challenge. He was moving at London MPH, as was I. Even if I had of stopped, there would have been people cutting in and out of the picture, huffing, puffing and glaring devil eyes into my camera phone lens. That wouldn't do.

It took three attempts and the distance from HMV to House of Fraser. And luckily, the incredible ferocity of the clashing colours means that actually, not a lot is lost in the blur. In fact, enough yapping, I'm going to let the pink, green, yellow, jeans-in-boots emsemble speak for itself.

PS. I can assure you, it was definitely male, and that man could move.


monkey said...

well....its a while now since i moved out of london but im pretty sure thats still just a really odd outfit. i especially like the boots, very dick wittington

The Unbearable Banishment said...

The shame of my gender. Are you sure it's a guy?

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

monkey - now that's a good way to describe him. All he's missing is a pouch on a stick. Or whaetver its called.

Unbearable - Definitely. Even if it was a girl, that doesn't make it right!

Clarissa said...

Oh my God! You saw Mickey Rourke!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Hahha - yes, in full Wrestler showtime gear. He had longish blonde hair as well.

Definitely a man.

Blonde said...

I blame London Fashion Week.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is on his way to audition for a Skittles commercial.

Anonymous said...

Was he, by any chance, mincing.

Brennig said...

OMG! That's me!

(apart from his bad shape and his bad clothes and his bad hair and his bad manners)

Mouldy-Old-Tartlet said...

I admire your dexterity in getting your photos. I still havent mastered the art of seeing something hideous/weird/chucklesome (of which there is plenty in London), locating mobile (which always hides away from me at crucial moment), and aiming mobile to actually take a pic of eye-watering attraction without the eye-watering attraction having already naffed off due to me taking about 5 hours over the whole exercise.

PS : I saw a BLOKE in a pair of SKINNY DUNGAREES striding through Bond Street tube station on Monday morning which would have looked aces on my blog. Just a bit of a shame I have the reflexes of a corpse.

Tabby said...

Oh my god!

Is that a yellow BUMBAG?

And what, I wonder, did he buy from selfridges in that little bag?


Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Blonde - They're all out for that it seems...

Popopmatic - Ah! Now thats a very plausible explanation.

ninetynine - Strangely not :-/ He was walking with determination, not a mince in sight.

Brennig - The pink really brings out your eyes

MOT - My snapping skills don't even touch Miss Pink's. She's got a wealth of WHUCAs on her phone, she doesn't care. She just snaps away. Now SKINNY DUNGAREES?? Cor blimey. I'm dribbling just thinkng about them.

Tabby - I did wonder if that was a bumbag, on closer inspection it could be. I like to think that he had a present for his very, very, very lucky lady in the bag. Or a bright neon Versace thong for him.


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