Tuesday, 10 February 2009

WHUCA Wednesday: "One Piece Wonders" Edition

It's been a while since the last "What Have You Come As?" post, and what better way to re-start the tradition of exposing frankly hideous ensembles than with something everyone, skier or not, can appreciate. I give you the legend of the alpine One-Piece Wonders. They're a dying breed, these lovers of the one-piece. The all-in-one. The onesie. They are shy creatures, best captured with a good zoom and an accompanying shout from the chairlift, of "SUUUUUIT! WHAT'S COOKIN, GOOD LOOKIN?".

First up right, I have no bloody idea what this woman is so happy about. Earmuffs, John Lennon glasses and a one-piece? Don't smile, get changed.

Bit blurry is number two, but a corker nonetheless. Going for the classic neon green / dark blue combo, she pulls off the look with a high waisted clinch and puffy top half, like all good 80s throwbacks do.


Up next, we've got a close runner up to the prize, purely for the amount of colours he's managed to fit onto such minimal material. As you can see, he's also gone for the belted option; turquoise being his colour of choice. There is of course every chance it could have been a bum bag strap. (Fanny pack, yanks).


Finally, we've got my ultimate favourite. The catch of the week, if you will. Not only has bright yellow, pink and purple come together to form an impressive onesie rainbow party, but there's the random quirky scatterings (check the garter like yellow stripes on the legs, he got da funk) AND one of those hats which gives the impression of spiky hair. Oh - is that a splash of pink I see on the inside of his ankles? Ooh la la. Ladies and gents, we have a winner:

Do any of them quite touch last year's outright winner? You decide.


Anonymous said...

Oh we do this too (not wearing them, I mean spotting them) - such fun. I love the neon ones.

We all have one horrid suit each (you can get them on Ebay sometimes) which we wear at the ski club for the last Junior Club session of the year in December. You should see some of the wonders people manage to find.

I still think you are brave taking the photos.

If I am ever away skiing at the same time as you I will bring along my neon one piece and wear it on the slope in the hope of appearing on your blog. Actually not sure my children would let me out of the chalet dressed like that!!

Elaine said...

I want to see what you were wearing!

Robbie said...

What drugs are the designers of these "onesies" on when making them?

I want one.

And +1 to Elaine, what are you wearing?! Oh wait that wasnt the question she asked.

Mouldy-Old-Tartlet said...

My personal winner has to be the last one. Purely cos I thought it was a bird, until you said : "Oh - is that a splash of pink I see on the inside of his ankles? I also think his name is Hugo.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I thought we left the '80s and '90s behind quite some time ago...?

CatsPuke said...

Ah man! why didn't I think of this, it'd have made my ski trip a lot more interesting!

CP x

Anonymous said...

I love your WHYCA posts


I've never been skiing, but this almost makes me want to go.

I'm guessing your all-in-one was bright pink though, right?

surviving myself said...

Don't smile, get changed

Hahaha - this is why I love you. Well, not love, but you know what I'm saying.

Call me?

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Reluctant - next year, let's try and time it so we're both away at the same time, in the same resort. You can wear your hideous suits, and it'll be like a game of tag.

Elaine, much the same as last year: http://sleepingeyes.blogspot.com/2008/01/we-was-ereinit.html

Robbie - I believe onesies are now only available in my dad's old ski bag. You are welcome to rifle through.

MOT - I think it's a bloke anyway. Pretty sure. Rather feminine colours though, eh?

blue - the Alps are immune to such lapses of time.

catspuke - There's always next year...it's a great way to wile away the minutes on a chairlift.

cynical - Ohhhh you got me. Actually, it was bright green, with a hint of purple. Ooh la la, I get all the boys in that.

surviving - Love is a strong word. It's ok, you can be my tour guide when I finally hit NY. Then you can declare your "love" in person.

Jane said...

"Don't smile, get changed." Amazing.


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