Tuesday, 1 July 2008


My sister and I have been warring over possessions for as long as I can remember. Raiding each other's rooms when one of us is out, picking out make up, hair stuff, socks and clothing that had magically disappeared a day or two earlier. Sometimes you'd get away with it, if you picked something that she didn't use very often, but more often than not the next day it would be "JO" what? "Have you seen my eye liner?" errrrm...yeah I borrowed it yesterday, hang on. Must have forgotten to put it back. Whoops. "Get your owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn"

Even more annoying would be when my sister, five years older, bigger and taller than me, would raid my wardrobe for tops to wear. I'd spend a while looking for a particular item of clothing, then give up and assume it had gone to the same place that socks go when you put them in the washing machine. A few weeks later I'd find it, usually being worn by my sister, and all hell would break loose.

"Oi! That's MY top. I've been looking for that!"
"I only borrowed it!"
"Can't I just wear it tonight?"

As we got older and the age gap closed, we started to get along, asking each other to borrow things and even offering clothes from our own wardrobes when the other was stuck for something to wear. Eventually my sister moved out, travelled and worked abroad, while I went to uni, and peace was restored to the house.

Then we both came back.

Thus far, all has been quiet on the clothes and make up front. I spied some Mac eye shadows in her makeup bag which I use and return. My belts find their way into her room and I fetch them back without comment. Music, books, hair straighteners and jewellery are shared commodities.

But this week, she went too far.

Having listened to her for the last few days talking about a new spray tan she was using, I even offered advice on how to stop it getting on the bottom of her feet. Today, I went into the bathroom to wash my face, and there on the side was a can of loreal tanner (used for special occasions only, I should add), which looked suspiciously like the one I had put in the bathroom cabinet. A quick shake told me it was now empty.

"You know that tan you've been using..."
"Where did you find it?"
"In the bathroom cabinet."
"It's MINE."
"Oh, did you want to use it?"
"NO. But it's MINE and it's EMPTY."
"Well I'll buy you a new one..."
And then, as I walked away, she added "Anyway, I only used it once"

Suddenly I'd reverted to my 12 year old self, stupidly grumpy about the fact that the bathroom cabinet where I'd kept my stuff had become a free for all.

It's not.

So I'm moving all my stuff back into my room.


Probably. But she started it.


theperpetualspiral said...

I'm so glad I am an only child!

pinkjellybaby said...

I never had this with my sister as she lived with her mum and not with us... i would have quite liked having someone to share things with though...and maybe i wouldn't be quite as screwed up as i am now by parents that smothered me!
oops...shared too much on your blog,s orry. wine x

nat said...

I have this problem but kinda worse. I don't get along with my sister can't stand her. My whole life she has taken things, stole them whatever to the point i can't leave anything outside of my room since she has moved back home and there are locks on both mine and my folks doors since we were younger just to keep her out.

James said...

"As we got older and the age gap closed"

Wow... You and your sister age at a different rate. How extraordinary!

blueskies2day said...

Me and my sister are exactly the same. Once, she wanted to read the book I was reading. Instead of waiting patiently for me to finish reading it and asking to borrow it, she took it and hit it behind her desk so neither of us could read it.

nuttycow said...

Ditto to theperpetualspiral - Hoorah to being an only child!

AFC 30K said...

Aaahhhhh sisters. Wifey is one of 3 sisters and they're all like that, but my god they are a formidable bunch when they work as one.

On my unbringing I was 1 of 2 brothers. My big brother just used to beat the crap out of my. I've lost count of the times I've endded up in A&E as a result of my brother.

We get along much better now we live 200 miles apart.

surviving myself said...

I think that's the right way to handle it.

Cataclismical said...

Imagine the same thing but with 3 sisters!!!!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

perpetual - nerrr nerrrrrrrrrr!

pjb- loving the wine fuelled honesty. but trust me, sharing and stealing are two different things and a boundary which is often merged between sisters ;)

nat - that's quite a problem, it's often the worst when you can't even leave something in communal areas of the house without them being used. It's a shame that locks have to be used :(

james - we are wonders unto ourselves. AND YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!

blueskies - lol. that made me laugh. that's taking it to a whole new level of annoying :D

nuttycow - NERR NERRRR x 2

afc - me and my sister lived on opposite sides of the world for a few years, it worked a treat also.

cataclismical - don't evvveennn go there!


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