Monday, 21 July 2008

Someone allllwaaays has to ruin it, don't they

Blimey, I just ate my weight in pasta. Good times. Burrrp.

Bored on Saturday me and him headed down to Leake Street in Waterloo to see the remains of the Cans Festival which is up until...October I think....(you can see better pics here) The deal was that a road near the station was turned into a graffiti / stencil funtime area, and all these artists including that lovable rogue Banksy worked their magic and transformed a derelict tunnel into amusing, poignant, and just plain clever messages of streety goodness. Likkkke...this:

Anyway because we were about oooooh, 2 months late for the party, things weren't looking as tip top as they would have done on that summery May day. The boyfriend & friend had attempted to go when the festival was in full swing, but given the two hour wait and huge crowds, decided against it. Although some of the pieces were still up, the crowds had dissipated, there were just a few people ambling down the empty tunnel, taking in the walls. Namely three young boys armed with marker pens who were making their own marks and over some of the most looked at stencils. It was almost like normal rules didn't apply, so they were just tagging their names all over the gaff (or should that be graff), or sometimes not even their names, just inane comments. Making their mark by any means necessary.

In fact, most of the designs were perfectly intact save from where some much less talented graffiti artist had come along and done their stuff on top, like on this self harming hoody which someone has artfully ruined with a big, stupid, blue wobble.

We spent about 20 minutes walking up and down the tunnel, took a few pictures, but mostly tried to find the good stuff in amongst the shit. "It isn't as good as I thought it would be", said the boyfriend on the way out. "Well we are a little late, to be fair." I replied.

Gob open, I continued. "I've just realised why graffiti is illegal." Ok, so this isn't such a big revelation as it sounds. I understood before, but have always been open minded, because there are some talented bits and pieces out there. But like even this good stuff, I understand why it can't be allowed to happen all over the streets. "Because for every person whose got something worth looking at, there's a load more who just want to mess it up."

The three boys and their marker pens attacked another wall. I sighed. "Why do they have to ruin it? Why can't they just appreciate what's there without f-ing it up?"

It's like, for once someone listened to that side of the community and went 'Oh alright then, have a tunnel. Do your best' and instead of appreciating it, they scribbled over the good stuff.

Annoying, that.


Clarissa said...

We've got a nice newly done park up on Lillie Road. Real swank like. Great play areas for kids. Nice grass. Some wild grass areas.

This morning I overheard a woman commenting that she was up there replanting some of the shrubs that some f*ing f*ckers have uprooted.

Why? Why!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Why indeed. There's just no sense in it. Like the idiots who smash up bus shelters - why? What gratification does that achieve, smashing glass night after night?

More to the point, why do councils waste money replacing it?

Bec said...

It really pisses me off when one persons artwork is destroyed by inconsiderate knobworths. Mind you - would Banksy disapprove of others adding to his work, or would he just see it as an organic progression of his work - no matter how rubbish the 'tagging' is?

China Blue said...

Nah, Banksy would see it as rubbish - you should see what vandals did to his iconic 'Pulp Fiction' work near Old Street. Graf art can be truly amazing, but any old douchebag can give their carer the slip and go scribbling on a wall, it seems.

Reluctant Blogger said...

Just catching up. So you're back in the workplace again?

I have some understanding of the need to graffiti. I have it a bit. I used to always have to etch something on desks at school if I sat at them and I had a phase of doing it to trees. Even now I feel tempted - but I generally resist. I'd love to be let loose with a spray can but sadly my fear of heights would be a bit of hindrance to a career as a Tagger.

Have a lovely summer, Jo and make sure you take some time off and do things you want to do!!

Miss Understood said...


Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

bec - nah, I reckon he thinks they're idiots too. Jumping on the bandwagon I think it's called...

china - my thoughts exactly. They know people will be snapping and gazing at Banksy's work, so they want a piece of the action (undeserved)

Hey reluctant, temporarily back in the workplace. Until friday anyway! Then easy summer lazing will recommence! I understand the need to tag things, like mark territory or whatever, but not over someone elses work.

Miss understood - where the bloooooooooooooooooooody hell have you been??


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