Monday, 28 July 2008

OBSERVE! why cockiness gets you nowhere...

You may remember about a month ago I told you about the dutty ming mong horror of horrors skank face rat girl who attempted to steal my mum's handbag at my grandma's funeral wake. Full story here if you missed it.

In the comments for that post, a lot of you asked if we'd handed the photo (showing her posing like a model gone horribly, horribly, disgustingly wrong, see unaltered photo, left) into the police. I can confirm that the evidence was hot-footed to the Hull house of five-o.

Today I found out that as a direct result of her stupidity and cockiness, she has now been identified and my mum will be going back to the police station to give another statement, after which she will be arrested. And charged. And pelted with goat manure.


No doubt she's sitting in her smokey den rubbing her dirty little mits together in manner of femme fagan, thinking 'ooh, got away with that little jaunt! crack, anyone?'...and I for one would love to see the look on her face when the police come for a visit.

Better still, a photo. You never know, she might oblige again.


The London Dater said...

Oh god, that's awful! She looks like a bitch anyway.

Blue soup said...

I hope she gets her just desserts, nasty little bitch.

Mjohnson said...

Hooray the long arm of the law (plus
i got the long version of your post,thanks)

Rol said...

Justice is served!

theperpetualspiral said...

She really does look like a skank.

Clarissa said...

I await Justice.

Rats nibbling on her toes would be good.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

londondater - I expect she probably is one.

blue soup - me TOO

mjohnson - Yeah, that'll teach me not to mess about with settings and the like. Wondered what that button did.

rol - Hurrah!

perpetual - particularly with that moustache, it does her no favours.

clarissa - and fingers to stop her doing it again.

longredcape said...


LOVE IT when that happens! Er, not that it ever happens to me . . .


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