Friday, 4 July 2008

Nothing to wear

My sister comes into my room with a face that says I'm in a flap.

"Have you got any nice tops? I've got nothing to wear."

I hesitate, and not because I don't have any nice tops, but for presicely the opposite reason. I do have some nice tops, I'm just not a fan of renting them out.

I've always been a bit funny about lending out my clothes. At school, it seemed to be the thing that arguments were made of; friends swapped clothes and one item would always come back less than perfect, causing rifts of epic school yard proportions. It works the other way too, I'm never keen to borrow friend's clothes in case I dribble my food or drink down it or worse still, someone else does.

Another reason I wasn't keen to give her full rein of my wardrobe was the fact that her statement wasn't strictly true. Ahh, the old 'nothing to wear' chestnut. By nothing, do you mean that you do have clothes, but because you choose to buy them all from Primark and come home with bags of 'wear and chuck' crap, that when you actually have to find something nice to wear, somehow Primark doesn't rise to the occassion?

"Look what I got today!" she enthused the other day after a shopping trip, holding up a pair of black wedge shoes. "Eight pounds!" and a plain white jumper, "Three pounds!", some non-descript vest tops, "One fifty each!". I sighed and wrinkled my nose, unimpressed. The situation we are in now says everything; three bags full of Primark specials and two days later, she has "nothing to wear".

I thought of my own wardrobe, stocked with carefully selected items from various high street shops and felt immediately protective of it. It's the smallest section of my clothes cupboard, but I'm picky about what I buy. Nothing high end, French Connection and Karen Millen is about as expensive as it gets, just a few nice pieces that I can wear over and over again for years to come.

"Well, I thought that top you had on a minute ago was nice..." I attempted feebley. "And, well, it's just...I don't really want anything getting spilt down my tops...but..."

The response wasn't reassurance or understanding, but a sharp reproach for daring to keep my clothes mine. What happened to the days when, eager to impress, I'd jump at the chance to be of help to my big sister? "FINE. Forget about it." she said as the door slammed behind her.

And suddenly, with access firmly denied and the return of that quick temper that made us the worst of enemies for so many years, I didn't feel quite so guilty.


pawpads said...

Sisters. I have two.

Need I say more?

Clarissa said...

Thank god I only have brothers. I always thought it was for that very reason that I was so selfish with my apparel. I do not share. If I even get the hint of a friend approaching my wardrobe, I feign illness and run away.

kit lizette said...

agree, me neither I have no sisters ,only brothers is the way forward.

I don't mind lending clothes to friends , but most of my friends never asks. They have really boring fashion sense of course.


Steph said...

I have an older, married, sister, and she's no longer allowed to spend exorbitant amounts of money on shoes, so guess who she visits every time she has the need for some awesome footwear?

I'm not a fan of lending anyone shoes, as feet are fucking gross, but she's my sister, what can I do???

Boy said...

It's a tricky situation. I have two brothers, but they're much older than me, so I've never had sibling problems or bickering.

I understand what you mean about your clothes though. I'm not so protective as you though..

weenie said...

I have four you can imagine, it was kinda stressful during our teen years (yes, poor dad!) We fought over EVERYTHING (apart from boyfriends). Our clothes sizes started to vary as we got older - none of them can borrow any of my clothes now cos they're too small, bwahaha!

nuttycow said...

I feel her pain. I never have enough money to shop anywhere but Primark. Hence, no nice clothes. PAH!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

paw pads - Enough said. You poor soul. Older or younger?

clarissa - I'm so glad I'm not the only one who likes to keep clothes private..

kit - haha, that way not only do you not have to lend out your clothes, but you will also always look better than them.

steph - oh god, thankfully me and my sister are different sizes. Not that this stops her asking, but the whole 'Ohhhh.. I'm size 4! They'll be tiny! Nevermind, eh" always seems to work.

boy - I think it's different with boys. You lot only have about 4 shops to choose from, so everyone wears the same thing anyway ;)

weenie - Yes, your poor dad. I like to think this is why our pets have usually been male, to even things out.

nuttycow - Oh she has enough money, she just can't turn down £3 tops.


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