Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Fa gods sake - you mean it's not Wednesday yet?

This week's going sloooowwwly. Yes, I know it's only just started but I keep thinking it's further down the week than it actually is. I'm looking forward to finishing work experience on Friday. That's not to say I'm not enjoying it, I'm liking being somewhere different and sticking my temporary oar in, but after a week or so I start getting itchy feet.

(no fungal infection)

I think it's because on work experience there's that element of doing the things that other people don't want to do. Like someone will be tidying up, and another person will say 'Oh, don't do that, I can get a work experience person to do it if you want', which always gives me this sinking feeling. Or you get given jobs that take you an absolute age because they involve having knowledge about the company that you clearly don't have, even though they could get done a hell of a lot quicker if someone who worked there full time did it.

There is an element of keeping the work experience person busy, giving them a job that is representative of what actually happens in the company; all these things have to be done...but after a while you just long to have your own job. That, and bloody hell - I have to drag my eyes open in the morning.

Also I'm still convinced that the other work experience girl is out to sabotage me. Not only did she hop off to Penguin this morning for a chit chat with someone there about furthering herself in the industry etc etc blah blah, proving that she's proper proper motivated for all this publishing thingiemalark blah blah...she then saved her book review over one of mine from earlier in the week. I'd written a wonderfully scathing review of some rubbish book we'd been sent, and she used it as a template for hers and clicked save.

Once again, I know her game. Thhiisss meaaannnss warrrrrrrr.

ps. I just saw an advert for The Shining on Film4. Even the advert makes me want to hide behind a massive pillow and go 'ooh no, ooh no, I can't watch, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'.

pps. Bloody blogger. Why does it add spaces in everywhere when you edit a post? And when you add images? Unnecessary, like see through bra straps.


Robbie said...

I can't believe the experience girl would do that! Did you comment to her about how good her work is?

re:blogger I find the HTML editor works so much more better then the Compose editor. HTML doesn't add those pesky line breaks

theperpetualspiral said...

I remember work experience at school, where I was effectively used as slave labour for two weeks. They weren't too impressed when I pointed that out to them.

How are you planning to get your revenge on the other girl? Do tell...

Laser Runner said...

The problem with work experience people is that the person who takes them on often is not the one to give them some work. Training is consequently minimal since you know they'll be going at the end of the week and it's not worth investing / wasting the time, hence the filing / archiving / faxing jobs that get dished out.

Maybe you should get a full time, proper job ? I know its a nasty concept.

BTW what is wrong with see-through bra straps, don't they do what they are meant to ?

surviving myself said...

It's Wednesday now.

arbyn said...

I completely agree with the see-through bra straps thing.

Pisses me off.

I'm so glad I found someone in the whole wide web who finds them unneccessary also.

So thanks.

Thursday today! (Weekend tomorrow)

Blue soup said...

Put laxatives in her coffee...

weenie said...

Hope you enjoy the rest of your work experience - even the other girl saving on top of your review is experience, eg remember to save your review somewhere else...

Know what you mean about Blogger, it's totally unpredictable when you upload pics or edit a post. I try to delete the spaces afterwards but it's never quite the same.

And yep, see thru bra straps are pointless, although perhaps preferable to white-gone-grey-in-the-wash bra straps.

Clarissa said...

Like see through bra straps! That is classic!

rosiewishes. said...

Ugh. See-through bra straps! You might as well use Selotape.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

robbie - No i smiled and went 'don't worry about it' while muttering 'stupid biaaaatch' under my breath.

perpetual - I'm just going to outshine her in every respect. That'll do.

laser- You do know I'm not just doing work experience for shits and giggles? I'm not just bored and passing the time, I'm getting experience in a career I want to go into. I could get a job paying x amount in the city as a PA tomorrow if I wanted to, and what fun that would be following the tried and tested gradute route into the world of admin. I'd say getting work experience is a pretty standard route into getting 'a proper job'...wouldn't you?

survivng - Thank GOD for that. Oh no, wait, it's now Thursday. Shit...I'm confused!

arbyn - WOOP WOOP! and yes, I agree, For those who don't understand why see through bra straps are bad...let me tell you - if someone is wearing them, and you notice, they have already defeated the object.

blue - love your style.

weenie - the blogger thing just pisses me off big time. It always messes up my perfectly structered posts

clarissa they are evil, evil things.

rosie - exxxactly. pointless things.


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