Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Monday night decisions

Mum was opening the door to my room, ushering in a yowling cat. I was trying on a pair of wide legged, dark grey trousers and a black, short sleeved shirt before I packed to go up North.

"Does this look ok?"
She considered. "Have you not got any black trousers?"
"Well, yeah, but they're a bit...These will do, won't they?"
"Yeah. They'll be fine."
"I mean, no ones going to reprimand me for wearing grey, are they? Like, what are they going to say? You can't come into this funeral, you're not wearing black?"
"Of course not. And black shoes?"
"No, mum - pink." I raise my eyebrows. She clocks the sarcasm.
"Have you got a pair you can wear?"
"Hmmm. Not sure. Probably. Hang on, I'll have a look." and I reach up to the Shoe Cupboard. "Hmmm. Well there's these..."


"Then there's these......"

"Ah, and these. Although boots are for winter really. That's it"

"Oh. Just a few to choose from then, Jo"
"Hmmm. Looks like it."
We stand, hands on hips, studying the pile of black shoes for a while. The cat remains silent and impartial, before curling up on my pillow despite me asking her not to a few minutes ago.
Mum speaks first.
"Well...depends on the weather really, doesn't it."
"Night then."
"Night mum"

Inappropriate as they may be for such a day, I can't help thinking that with two pain in the arse uncles on the war path, 5 inch stilettos may come in handy in an 'Oh, whoops - was that your foot?' kind of way.

Hmmm. They better hope for rain.


theperpetualspiral said...

I was secretly hoping for a more exciting duvet cover than that.

pinkjellybaby said...

My goodness you have a lot of shoes!
Hope it all goes ok anyway... xx

Reluctant Blogger said...

Yes, you do have a lot of shoes - but I kind of guessed that!!!

I hope it all went OK.

If (well, when, I suppose) I die I would actually want everyone to come to my funeral in cheerful clothes - whatever they felt appropriate. Actually since I always wear polka dots, I think everyone who comes to my funeral should wear them.

Homer said...

Hope it wasn't too harrowing.

London-Lass said...

I have a lot of shoes too. Mostly black. One day I'll found an outfit to go with some of them.

PS : Hope it went OK.

surviving myself said...

Hope it went well!

Paula said...

i want everyone to wear pink to my funeral. yes, even the men . . .

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Thanks all.

and sorry to disappoint, perpetual!


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