Monday, 19 May 2008

Wrapped up

The series has ended, last week's clean up operation is complete and everyone has moved on to other projects, leaving yours truly, Billy No Mates, in the office on my own.

After taking a day off on Friday which I spent mostly lying down, blowing my nose and sneezing, you'll be happy to know I'm feeling a lot better having just spent a weekend catching up with some very good friends. I'll report on that later when I've got my photos to hand.

So yep, today is the first day of my lonely office existence, while I wait out my contract and generally continue to wind things down on the programme side of things, while still being PA to my boss. As you can imagine, I'm really missing the inane questions about padded envelopes, the pointless tasks of making people's dinner, fetching tea, ordering stationary, running around like a headless chicken and unclogging the paper from the photocopier. True story. Ahem.

A final touch came last Thursday when there were only the runners, myself and some work experience people left clearing up. A researcher who has since moved on came down to the office, parcel in hand. "Hi guys" she said to the runners. After some small talk, came the inevitable request. "Could one of you possibly take this down to despatch (fyi: a 30 second walk from our room) and get it sent recorded delivery? I would do it myself, only I'm feeling quite lazy today."At this point, I fired off an email to the runner concerned from my side of the office. Hi, could you possibly wash my toes? I would do it myself, only I'm feeling quite lazy today. Thanks. Happily, the parcel is still sitting, unsent, untouched, on the side where it was left on Thursday. I'm glad those boys finally had the last laugh.

Anyway - aside from peace and quiet, what I also found waiting on my desk today was an assortment of "gifts" from the runners and workies who left last Friday. Including...Half a stale chocolate cake beside a label that reads:

...alongside a bottle of Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc and a thank you card from one of the work experience guys, and a rather large box of Cadbury's heros from another. And oh look, there's no one here to share them with.

Pity, that.


James said...

Oh come on pass us some choccies, I need some energy while I try and figure out which show/series finished broadcasting recently.

How long do you have left on your contract?

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Few more weeks to go. End of the month everything will be completely done and dusted.

Well, maybe not dusted.

Robbie said...

I should get me one of those signs. Thats just genius.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Label makers are the best things in the world ever. You can never stop having fun...until the labels run out anyway.

Boy said...

4 weeks?! Argh! Crazy.

And how lazy can someone be? I'm glad the parcel didn't get sent. Personally I'd steal it and hide it somewhere, then tell him when he complains that he never actually asked anyone to send it. That's right, mess with his mind.

I'm still not fully awake :S

Richard said...

Firstly, don't be snarfing all those chocolates yourself, get them shared out!

Secondly, when I bought a label maker for the office I went mad and labelled far too many things. Even now six months later, the phones still have labels saying "This is a telephone" and the label maker has one saying "Make your labels here". It really is quite addictive.

theperpetualspiral said...

Focking hell, forgot to log in for that last one again.



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