Thursday, 8 May 2008

Trust issues

Here's a tip. If you ever find yourself out on a film shoot, there are a few things you need to know.

Take the estimated finish time, and triple it.

When the director takes a look at your waning little faces which are severely lacking in enthusiasm due to the fact that you are having to repeat the same action over and over and over...and over, and over again and says: "Ok guys, that's great - just one more time" (which they will) - you can safely assume that you are in for more of the same for the next hour.

Likewise, if you, as a member of the public, are asked to relocate yourself briefly because the cameraman / director says "Sorry, would it be possible for you to stand aside for a minute? I just want to get this one quick shot" might as well toddle off and find a new seat. This one's now taken. Terminally.

The lure of leaving the office and stealing a few cheeky hours basking in the sunshine* meant I agreed to be an extra on a shoot for the programme yesterday. I figured there'd be more waiting around than action, something that suited me down to the ground given the 25degree weather. I could catch some well positioned rays, occasionally mingle in the background of shot, then return to my basking spot.

Turns out there actually was action involved. Yes, foot in front of foot action which had to be repeated. Over and over and over again. Or pieces re-shot because of an aeroplane flying overhead. Or waiting for a baby to stop crying. Or waiting for the wind to stop. Action! Then..."Hang on, there's train noise in the background, back to your positions. Annnnd go. Ah, could you just move slightly to the left? Great. One more shot guys." And we all now know what that means.

Hence there was less basking, more burning. Yowza. Ladies and Gentlemen, hurrah for my first sunburn of the year. Summmer's herrrrrreeeeeee!

*sun lotion optional


London-Lass said...

Blimey, Jo. An extra, eh? I'm obviously made of different meat to you ... any time I catch the merest hint of some filming going on in Oxford Street (of which there seems to be quite a lot) I run. Like the wind. But that's probably cos I'm all hunched & old now. And not a fulsome whippersnapper like yourself.

Blue soup said...

Still, it certainly beats selling in a dry government news story to national consumer affairs editors... Ho hum...

Rol said...

My own experience with film crews is that they all seem to think everybody else works for them, even people who are just passing by.

They really bring out my rude and obnoxious side.

Which is always good.

James said...

so when's the premier?

Hannah said...

Ooh, screen time - how exciting!

surviving myself said...

I would kill myself.

Clarissa said...

You'll have the paparazzi on your arse!

regulargirl said...

I'm with blue - it sure beats writing brieffing notes about Cultural Affairs in Canada!

Bec said...

An extra - ah the first step to superstardom! Soon, some director or another will pop along and offer to make a short series based on your blog and then you can rest on your laurels for all time!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

londonlass - It was more the idea of getting out of the office I liked. Usually I'm very camera shy.

blue soup - That's very true. I think you're right there.

rol - That seems to be my experience too. Rude and obnoxious meets rude and obnoxious eh?

james - that would be telling!

hannah - Oh it's nothing too big, they quite often rope in production team members to be extras in the films. In fact, they never use anyone else!

surviving - Yowch. Don't make a mess.

clarissa - Already do. Pesky scamps.

regular - Ah. Yes, that does not sound too exciting. Less painful, perhaps.

bec - Oh god. Can you imagine? Maybe I'll pitch it to Steven Speilburg next time I see him.

Bec said...

It's an Oscar winner for sure!


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