Wednesday, 21 May 2008

My own little world

I automatically switch off when I go onto the tube; earphones plugged in (Queen this morning, Don't...stop... me nooowww), submerged in a book (On Beauty - Zadie Smith), occasionally glancing up to check what stop it is (I can also measure how close I am to getting off by how much Metro I've read: letters page? One stop to go). There I sit, only now and then glancing around in case anyone in horrific trainers / shoes / hair / face gets on in which case I'll ponder them for a while. But with my earphones in and a book, I might as well be in the carriage on my own. Then when it's my stop, I kind of trundle up the stairs and through the barriers, wait at the traffic lights for the little man to go green, brain on autopilot for the 2 minute walk to work.

So when a slow moving van in traffic drives past me and a head pops out and shouts (very loudly) 'YYYAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOAAAA HAWAAAAA' right in my face, it barely even registers. In fact, I don't even consciously ignore it, it just doesn't attract my attention at all. I carry on looking straight ahead, listening to my music, waiting for the green man and it's only when I cross the road and get into my building that I think 'Hmmm, what was that all about?'

Whatever the hearty yeller of YAAHHOOOOOOOOO wanted, I bet they wish they'd at least got a glance for their efforts.


nuttycow said...

Woudl love to do that on my way to work (be in my own little world, not the other one) but sadly I drive.

Not paying attention = probably death.


James said...

I was a little disappointed you didn't acknowledge me. (someone had to say it, why not me)

I once turned down a job offer in London (3 times actually). I just didn't fancy the whole London thing, with its hectic commuting and what not.

But sometimes I quite like the idea of the London commute, being able to lose yourself in a book, or listening to your iPod. Other methods of commuting rarely give you a chance to switch off.

Homer said...

What a tool. I bet he was gutted you didn't react.

surviving myself said...

James took my comment idea.


Clarissa said...

They probably wanted to ask you directions.

weenie said...

Like nuttycow, I too drive to work but I'm seiously on autopilot - my music's on loud, I don't look around (colleagues have honked their horns and waved as they've overtaken me apparently and I've not noticed) just at the car in front so I don't run into the back of it, stopping and starting, barely out of 2nd or 3rd gear most of the way, inching forwards on the M60. When the traffic starts easing off, I know I'm near the junction I need to get off but there have been times when I've nearly missed it!

Boy said...

I do love a good commute. I love spending time with my earphones and just enjoying music, being a blissful world of my own. As soon as I have some money I'm going to get some decent headphones, albeit they cost about 60 squidlets.

The cost of being audiophillic eh?

theperpetualspiral said...

James also stole my comment idea.


Now I have nothing!

Robbie said...

See this is what men have now resorted to as a mating call.
We've ran out of ideas, not even the car horn honk works anymore. We are basically trying anything that pops in to our heads to get attention.
The fate of humanity is balanced on these yaaaahhhhoooowwwwaaaasssss

fwengebola said...

I love my iPod. It is the Greatest Invention Ever. I've lost track of the times I've been stuck on a bus or a tube with either a gang of screaming teenagers or a troupe of pissed Australians and cared not a jot as I had some decent (non-Queen) tunes playing in my ears.

No screaming van drivers, though.


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