Sunday, 1 June 2008


I've come to the end of my time at the place where I've been working for the last 4 months. Although I could have stayed on, continuing my role on a different programme, I've chosen not to. And it was a choice; the door was open and had I shown an interest I could have walked through it, but in all honesty there was nothing I wanted to walk towards, if that makes sense.

That, and the pay here is on par with what I was earning aged 16 as an office assistant in town.

I'm not over valuing myself when I say that being paid £7.50 p/h to be PA to an Executive producer, an editor and series producer, as well as team assistant to over 30 people on a live broadcast, falls way below what I feel I'm worth no matter how prestigious the company is.

I considered all the options and I keep wondering if I've made the right decision or whether I've ballsed up what could be a huge opportunity. I've enjoyed it there no doubt - but when I put things in perspective, I suppose I'm the sort of person who needs something to work towards; I wanted to get a masters degree with distinction - I worked hard and got it. I wanted work experience, and I got it. Next I wanted a job at this place; I made a good impression and got that, too. Now I've been here for 4 months, nothings come up that I've thought "I want THAT". I'm not even slightly envious of those who are above me; people seem to be just muddling along, alternating between the same programmes. Everyone's on short term contracts which ultimately means work is never guaranteed, and above all what I'd want from a job is, if not happiness, then financial security.

It looks like I'm back to where I started - with a nice addition to my CV - and once again hearing and answering the same question 'So what are you going to do next?' about 50 times a day. So do me a favour, don't ask. Let this blog be the one place I'm not questioned about what my future career holds. Truth is, I don't know, and there's nothing like being newly unemployed to make you feel like absolute crap when asked a question you don't have the answer to.

One thing's for sure. The only soup I'll be making and clearing away in my next job will be my own.


James said...

Best of luck with the job hunt. It is very easy to slip into a career path you never really wanted, so it makes sense to make an early stand against something you don't want to do.

Blue soup said...

The decision to walk away from such a large well-established company, a true giant in its field, shows what strength of character you have. Be sure to state this positive if asked why you left your past role. Good luck!

Hannah said...

That takes serious guts - I'm impressed. Good luck on the ol' job hunt. You have my every sympathy on that. No, really.

China Blue said...

Of course you'll worry about whether you made the right decision, but it sounds like walking away was the best thing to do. And it'll pay off - developing a career is about taking risks. Good luck :-)

London-Lass said...

Good luck Jo :)

But seriously, what are you going to do next??


Clarissa said...

Good on you. Brave and true to yourself.

Rather than asking you what you're going to do, we should all now tell you what to do! :)

Boy said...

Very brave, but definitely sounds like a good move. I look forward to finding out the next part of the story. My gut instinct tells me something big's gonna come up for you. Aim high.

(NB No, I'm not psychic. :( )

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

James - Thanks. It was sods law as well that I had a really nice last day as well, and saw a sociable side to the company that I hadn't previously seen. Still, after work drinks are no reason to stay.

blue - Thats a good point, I hadn't really seen it as a positive in that respect. Thanks...

hannah - the search starts here! I think I'm going to be mostly temping and doing work experience this summer, we'll see what comes out of it.

china - as you say, sometimes you just have to follow your instinct. These hands were not made to wash and tidy!

londonlass - OHHHHH there's ALLLWAAAYYYSSS one isn't there?

clarissa - Fire away, I'm open to suggestions! (Even more so if they involve travel to hot countries)

boy - Lets hope your gut isn't too booze sozzled from end of exam celebrations and is talking sense! ;)

Lapa said...

You will go far, Jo!

Reluctant Blogger said...

It seems to me that you made a sound decision. From what you have written on here it did not sound like something that was making you happy.

I admire you for stepping away. It is always easier to carry on. Good for you.

Get out there temping. It's good to try lots of different things - you'll find what rocks your boat soon enough.

Good luck!

theperpetualspiral said...

Good luck in your search. At least having them on your CV will be a big boost.

Anyhow, rather than asking the obvious (that has already been asked), will you know spill the beans as to the show you were on and who the stroppy presenter was? :)

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Thanks all. And perpetual - definitely not!

theperpetualspiral said...

You are clearly a killjoy. ;)

weenie said...

All the best with the job hunting. Whilst I'd hope you find a good, well-paid job that you enjoy doing, the horrid side of me kinda hopes it will be a...'challenge' so you will blog about it! Good luck! :-)

Homer said...

Hey Jo. Hopefully I've managed to bury this comment in an old post so only you read it.

I've given up blogging - turns out my twattish, vindictive ex is still reading my blog (and writing vitriolic posts in response) and it feels like letting someone you despise read your diary.

Will still lurk on yours though.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Oh nooo :( What a bloody pain. I really enjoyed your blog. If you set up again then let me know the address, you can always email me if you don't want word getting out.
He must be quite a bitter person. What a shame.


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