Wednesday, 9 April 2008

A WHUCA Wednesday Tube Announcement

Due to the fact that looking at people's faces on the tube is against the law, it is common practice to look at the ground throughout your journey. Above the tinny jangle of iPod music, sniffing, grumbling and tutting, it is also possible for the driver's announcements and updates to be heard:

We are sorry for the delay to your journey this morning, this is due to a signal failure. Remember that even though there are delays, the central line is still running a good service. Fact. Please give up your seat to anyone who might need it, particularly the visually impaired, identifiable by their pink trousers worn with yellow and red shoes.

Thank you for your attention.

Altogether now!

"Never be seen dead, in pink, yellow and red!"


weenie said...

My eyes, my eyes! said...

Why? Why would you do that.


London-Lass said...

Dear lord.

And you know what? I nearly managed to snap a shot of a hideous fashionista strolling down Oxford Street this morning .. but got so excited about what I was about to do, I dropped my bag. And, well, the picture was never taken. But if you can imagine a bird aged about 30/35 years old wearing MC Hammer type trousers (low, low crutch hanging in the breeze) tucked in to what looked like `Saturday Afternoon Wrestler' boots then you'll know why I ended up in such a state.

London-Lass said...

PS : The Central Line was partly suspended this morning. But it was still running a good service. O yes.

surviving myself said...

clearly, that person has given up on life.

AFC 30K said...

That looks a girl I used to be at uni with.....

Lapa said...

estavas muito "fancy"

Reluctant Blogger said...

Dear God! That is truly awful.

Well done on your Mail exposure too. Although I think it is outrageous that they feature blogs without informing the authors. If they ever do that to me there will be trouble.

When Rol was featured he said he didn't even notice a massive increase in traffic - so I guess most Mail readers are too busy moaning about the state of the country to have time to learn how to use a computer.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

weenie - Blliiinnddeddd!

parlez- Rational thought clearly doesn't figure here.

Londonlass - maybe I should run stealth photo taking sessions. I saw a horrific emsemble on Regent street the other evening, but didn't have time to snap her. Multicoloured horror that she was. Sometimes oxford street offers the best WHUCA pickings, but everyone moves too fast to catch 'em. And the central line? No change there.

surviving - evidently not a care in the world.

afc - and your eyesight is still working fine?

lapa - indeed.

reluctant - Ah yes, I emailed them to have a little complain about not letting me know, and asking for a copy of the paper...but nothing back. I know someone who writes for them though so I might try and get hold of them that way. And I'm the same - no great traffic increase to the blog. Just a little increase in pride on my behalf... ;)

Robbie said...

There some pretty sweet Pumas


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