Thursday, 10 April 2008

Jo is a twit(terer)

I am now on twitter. You can do whatever it is that Twitterers do (I haven't worked it out myself yet) and see how unexciting my daily life really is by following


If you're on it, share and share alike. Lets be bored together.


surviving myself said...

i don't really get it yet either, so we can learn or hate it together.

Miss Understood said...

me no comprende

The IT Girl said...

I didn't really get it at first but hey, I jumped on the bandwagon too! I've just followed you (I think...)

Follow meh!

You know you want to.

Bec said...

I seriously love Twitter in a while 'everyone want to know every little thing going on in my head' way. And it's funny watching people go postal and then calm down in a few 'tweets'.


Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

surviving - hurrah!

miss - neither do I.

it - Am following!

Bec - cheers!

Boy said...

I do not understand twitter. It makes me upset. Let me know how you get on, and whether it's something else I can use to destroy my life, along with facebook.

pawpads said...

I don't get Twitter either, so I avoid.

Reluctant Blogger said...

I find Twitter very weird (I am Relucs, with the rather beautiful ood photo) - but oddly (or oodly maybe) compulsive.

It is hard to resist the urge to turn into my father and just talk about the weather!


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