Monday, 31 March 2008


There was this kid on TV this morning, 11 years old and dolled up to the nines.. long blonde hair extensions, foundation, eyeliner, lip stick, fake tan...the lot. Her parents were supporting her in her ambition to be like Jordan, the glamour model, and their only complaints were that her beauty treatments were costing them rather a lot. In fact, their only complaint was of the monetary effect of their daughter's 'dressing up' obsession. Apparently all her friends at school were the same and anyway, at school she only wears foundation, mascara and eyeliner.
She's eleven years old! Messing about in your mum's heels and dresses and developing a penchant for rather too red blusher is indeed a staple part of being a pre-teen. But kiddies wearing makeup for day to day life? Are you mental? I was so surprised that their only worry was about how much money it was costing them. Seriously - are you not worried that your daughter looks 18 when she's only 11? She reminded me of those scary beauty pageant kids you get in America. I couldn't help think that some men will be watching TV and no doubt thinking to themselves that she looks...dare I say, I don't.
It's weird that I saw a programme on it this morning actually, because over the weekend I was chillin, maxin, relaxin' in the jacuzzi at err... oh yeah, did I mention I did actually take one look at the local pubic pool (sic) the other week, took 15 minutes trying to find a parking space, noted the queue to get in and that the pool appeared only to provide room for that great exercise of treading water and trotted back out again? None for that - I joined mum's posh gym, yeah the one I said I wouldn't join - who said hypocrite - and am going to do exercise without contracting bacterium fungal riffus-raffus. Anyway, so I was in the spa pool and this girl gets in and on first glance I reckon she's about 18 - like her face looks old. Then when she's in and I can have a good old stare over the bubbles and I see that she's actually not - she's only young, maybe 14 and has a loaaad of make up on.
Then her mate comes over, also bikini clad and they're sitting chatting away, yabbering about spray tans and stuff...then later in the changing rooms (I wasn't stalking) I can hear them and one is going "yeah because I want to get rid of my tummy..look, it's all fat" and I'm thinking woah there love - you girls are skinny, normal sized young girls - how are they wanting to lose weight?
I just find it quite scary..for one, my mum never let me wear make up to school and the times I did try, she'd pretend one of her friends had "seen me" wearing dark lipstick and mentioned it to her which is either bullshit or she had wellll nosey mates. And apart from the odd bit of cover up for spots, there was no foundation going on to this little face. Mum would give me some cotton wool and say take it off. It just wasn't allowed.
What's going on?! It worries me when I see these kids with full faces of make up, looking 18 when they're only 12, moreover it worries me that their parents don't see anything particularly wrong with it. It's weird that teenagers who are obviously fine weight-wise are worried about their figures. It frustrates me so much - it's bad enough when you've got adults endlessly whinging about their love handles without young'uns following suit.
When I was a nipper we were all into bright blue eyeshadow, mum's red lippy and hair mascara. None of this 'colours that suit your complexion' lark. Yeah we looked awful, but you know what? At least we looked our age.


China Blue said...

Oh, hear hear.

That kid's parents are irresponsible, stupid and... shouldn't be allowed to reproduce again. At least if she was a child beauty queen, she'd have to learn to read, to have hobbies, and show some sort of ambition and intelligence, right?

bluesoup said...

I agree totally on this one. Why are kids today in such a rush to grow up? What happened to childhood innocence? Is it that awful being a kid in Britain?

I had my first boyfriend at 16, my first mobile at 16, I didn't wear make up til I was 16. That doesn't make me slow or anything, that was just how it was when I was younger.

I still rarely wear make up now!!

Sadly this post poses questions too big for much contemplation on a Monday the day after the clocks went forward... :) x

pink jellybaby said...

yep yep yep. those American kids are damn scary, being taught to dance and look sexy when they're 5!!!

I'm too tired from arguing with one of my friends while trying not to argue and to be nice for this, but yes, i agree. although i wear make up and quite a lot of it

James said...

This post made me think ofthis. Shocking.

surviving myself said...

when kids look like adults, it scares the crap out of me.

Clarissa said...

Freakish incongruity this big-girl making up of little-girls (although this big-girl barely wears a stitch b/c I am lazy!)

Cara said...

Hello there,

there's a new update on the stalker situation. Please have a look.

Girl Vino said...

It is really scary the way things are going with young ones these days. It makes me fear for my own daughter (6). but I am not the mother who lets her daughter out of the house like that. Different story once they ARE out of the house though. What sort of trouble are these girls getting themselves into? Males will certainly get the wrong idea! SCARY.

Rachel said...

Ahh, I remember hair mascara, think I had it in purple & blue! The innocence of my youth!

I was having the same discussion the other day, about how kids just cant be kids nowadays. When "i were a lass" I was happy to wear pretty flowery dresses (the ones from Ladybird at Woolies!) I also wasnt allowed to wear make-up, I had a Tinkerbell set that got confiscated by my mum.

Its just all very sad really, I feel like the innocence of my youth, which really isnt that long ago (im only 23) has been lost and childhood as we knew it will have been lost. :(

Miss Understood said...

It's awful. And I've just clicked the link from James, and GOD. What is this world coming to? More to the point, who the hell is bringing up these children?

London-Lass said...

Well it's cos everyone wants to be a celebrity. Have you not caught up with the times? Young, old - dont matter. Celebrity is where it's at. Apparently. Girls at school wanna be famous and how to do it? Modelling or going down the WAG route. Boys at school wanna be famous and how to do it? Football. And their parents are right behind them, if not pushing the little darlings in to the whole thing. Cos they wanna be famous too. Mad, crazy world? Yep. Where will it end? Who knows.

pawpads said...

Gah ~ kids today hey? I'm so glad I have a boy.

Anonymous said...

It is all down to feminism.
Mums want to be 'best chums' with daughters and daughters want to be mums.
I notice you do not mention any male parent input.
well as you sow so shall ye reap.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

china - Here's hoping. Or would it just be fed to them by their parents, i.e what to and what not to say?

blue - exactly, that's the way things were for me. While I hate harking back, I can't help but be worried about any kids I might have, and what kind of values they might grow up with. But then, it depends how much it's down to the parenting I suppose.

pjb - The american kids freak me out. Did you ever see Little Miss Sunshine?

James - I think that's whats spurred the recent media flurry around how kids are growing up. Weird how popular that site was as well...1million people signing up or some madness.

surviving - I concur, maximus.

clarissa - I try to wear as little as possible, mainly because I tend to look worse the more I put on!

cara - I have no idea what you're on about, and no intention of visiting. Spamming gets you no where. Merci.

Girl - that's the thing, I'm sure even adult men would have been watching and thinking 'she'll be hot in a few years' which they really, really shouldn;t...

Rachel - Ahh you're the same age as me. Good to know I wasn't the only person who was loving the hair mascara, mine was electric blue. Although I also had a gingery red one...mental. What were we thinking? At least it marked us out as young!

Londonlass - You are true...and it's such a shame that all people can aspire to be is rich, arrogant and good at kicking balls (male or female)

Pawpads - Does he want to be a footballer by any chance? ;)

anon - Strangely, the dad on TV was the one who surprised me the most. On being asked if he worries about his daughter looking like she does, he didn't seem to...all he worried about was how much it all cost and the necessity to cut down on the spending, not the make up. But you're right.

Ladyshambles said...

Scary isn't it? I was watching Lorraine Kelly this morning and there was a girl on there (about 18 I think she was) who since the tender age of 16, had wanted a boob job, fillers in her cheeks and lip injections so she had a fuller mouth.

Two points:

1) Fuckin scary. Who the hell told her she has to be plastic fantastic to look great?

2) She already had chubby cheeks and the kind of lips that made her look like you could stick her to a window. Cheek fillers and lip whatevers would make her look like the Bride of Wildenstein.

Where the hell was her mother, why wasn't anyone talking any sense into her and have we really got the the stage where unless you look like you came off a conveyor belt along with all the other dolly birds, you're not deemed attractive?

It's just plain freaky.

Robbie said...

Hey mouthmouth, I sent an email to your "sendmesomelovingpleasebabyohyesss" (or something like that) address.

The IT Girl said...

Hmmm there was a girl EXACTLY like that in Closer magazine a few months back. She had a room full of Playboy stuff, a face full of makeup, hair extensions...her mother loved it and was bragging that she wants to be 'just like Jordan!'


I was in the local Spar only the other day and a little girl (about six) was in there with her mum and another girl. She was going, 'ugh, I don't want sweets, they'll make me fat and horrible! Mum, what can I have that won't make me fat?'

I was totally gobsmacked. Totally felt guilty for buying my Mars bar.

I've seen teenagers who obsess over this but I guess it's understandable...six year olds, though? Whereas I agree that chocolate and sweets should be eaten in responsible amounts, I do think that kids shouldn't have this kind of attitude drilled into them at such a young age. This girl was obviously scared of being 'fat', and is obviously seeing what Mummy defines as 'fat' as a negative thing. That kind of thing can mess a child up later in life.

And Mummy dearest wasn't exactly a MILF, either.

When I was that age, clothes and sugar intake didn't bother me. Heck, I didn't give a shit about clothes until I was like 14. So to hear that kind of thing from a 6-year-old? Scary stuff.


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