Monday, 24 March 2008

How not to discipline your dog

This morning I was on my way to work, taking advantage of the quiet London roads at 9am and driving in for a change. And thank god, because the weather was a mix between snowing and sleet the whole way, there was none for walking the 15 minutes from my boyfriend's house to the station, waiting for the bank holiday service to get a move on and generally freezing my nails off on a train platform. So I found myself in west London driving on empty roads and thinking this is the life. How nice if I could have a 15 minute drive to work every morning instead of a 45 minute tube commute. Mmmm and I've got chocolate for later. And then something ruined my one day where I can enjoy my trip to work.

Some cretin of a woman was standing on Shepherds Bush green with a leather lead in her hand, and a dog that looked like a Staffy cowering at her feet as she whipped it over and over again with the lead. The first time, it caught my attention. The second I felt uncomfortable. The third, forth, fifth time, I felt sick. I saw her as soon as I got round the corner; then watched at the traffic lights; the woman inflicting lashes across the dog's back until it moved from standing, tail between it's legs, to crouched on the ground with it's head between it's paws.

What the fuck?

Who fucking tells their dog off by whipping it with a leather lead? More to the point, who smacks their dog once and then doesn't stop until they are on the floor, rolled up into submission?

I wanted to pull over, to ask her what that dog could possibly have done to deserve being smacked across the back with it's own lead. I wanted to pull over, get out and say stop hitting that dog you bitch but I couldn't because I was on a main road. As I drove up to and past her I beeped my horn, as if to say I can see you, you disgusting woman and hoped it would distract her for long enough to let the dog get a rest from it's punishment.

It made me feel sick. It's like granted, whatever that dog did...I missed it, but you know what love? He's on the floor, he's scared of you, you're clearly causing him pain...I think he's got the message. You stupid, thick, disgusting woman.

How some people are allowed to keep animals, or get them in the first place is beyond me. Eurgh.


theperpetualspiral said...

I wonder how she would feel if she was on the other side of the beating?

I often think that there should be some form of test that people have to take before they can have a dog or other pet.

London-Lass said...

My word Jo. I was in a similar incident to the one you described today. Although I wasnt driving. But walking. And it wasnt a woman. But a group of big, rippley muscled and rather chavtastic men. But there was a dog involved. And the best I could do was give black looks (not that this made any ruddy difference) to the big pikey men who thought it fun to kick this poor dog (in the middle of a crowd of other dogs) whilst telling it to "Get in there".

PS : Working? On a Bank Holiday?

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

perpetual - That's exactly what I thought. had half a mind to grab the lead and give her a whipping, see how she likes it.

londonlass- Argh I hate that. I hate being so powerless in those situations. I wouldn't have said anything if I were you either, if they do that to a dog god knows what they'd do to someone who tried to stop them. And yep, working away - some things never stop even for bank holiday!

Clarissa said...

First thought upon reading your post: "Jesus, she has to work today!" Then thinking, "Uhoh, we might butt heads on this topic" (because being the owner of a Rottweiler, I am a strong disciplinarian - very important to me to make sure my dog knows who is dominant) but as I read through -- it's clear we would not butt heads. There is a difference between disciplining (I am often seen in the neighbourhood grabbing my dog by the scruff of her neck and putting her on the ground -- it must look gruff and mean, but it certainly does not hurt her) and beating. This lady was beating.

Then I got to remembering the time I saw a blind man literally punching his guide dog with his clenched fist. Punching! Another passer-by was witnessing it and yelled "hope the dog leads you in front of a bus mate!" Blind people can be arseholes just like the rest of us.

Bec said...

There is no excuse for this - no action that dog could have taken that deserved this. Evil bitch. Hopefully someone will run her over.

Girl Vino said...

arse wank fuck faces that mistreat animals fucken disgust me..if that was a child, that child would probably be removed from that bitches house. If I were that dog, I would have jumped up and bitten her fucken face least if I got put down for it I would die happy. We had a case over here where a family went on fucken holiday for 5 weeks and left their 5 month old pup under the house. It survived by eating its own shit. The SPCA rescued the dog and gave it to a loving home and the pricks that did it are facing jail time. Too fucken right!

Miss Understood said...

I can't handle things like this. If I'd have seen it, I'm sure the image of it would have stayed in my mind for weeks. Somewhere inside, I'm hoping that the dog had a child's finger in his mouth. Not that I want some kid to have his finger chewed off of course, but it's the only way I'm able to try to understand her actions.

nuttycow said...

Grrr. I don't think there's anything to say to this. Dogs, like children, need discipline but there is a very pronounced line. This lady lept over it and proceeded to run. Cow.

surviving myself said...

i wish you could've stopped. What a fucking bitch.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

clarissa - We let our dogs know whose boss in the same way, putting them down on the ground, our snappy puppy especially. That story about the blind man makes me feel sick as well, you don't get more well behaved than them.

Bec - We can hope, it was quite a busy road after all.

Girl - animal cruelty on any level is wrong...but that puppy? My god - there are some really horrible people (and I expect, quite damn stupid) out there. I shudder to think about the ones who don't get rescued.

Miss U - that's the thing, I thought maybe it had bitten someone but there was no one else on the was 10am on a bank holiday and the place was deserted. I struggled to think what else it could have done with nothing else around.

Nutty cow- I know, it makes me so angry but I guess some people really don't have a clue about looking after and telling off their pets.

surviving - Trust me, I wish I could have stopped too. Or at least called someone - but who - would the police have ignored me?

Boy said...

Jesus McFucking Christonabike! That's horrid. It's a shame you couldn't have driven on the pavement and hit her. Not to kill her, but just to, y'know, seriously injure her a bit.

Poor dog :(

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I read this. I just broke up with a man, Lee Brian, who punched his dog to "discipline" her. It was the saddest thing. She is a sweet black lab. Fairly well behaved, but still has some puppy in her. If she started acting too much like a puppy, he would tell her to stop. If she didn't stop with the activity he would get over her and punch her in the ribs. Hard, with a closed fist. I was shocked the first time I saw it and said "you can't do that to her!" He told me I didn't know anything about disciplining dogs. This happened repeatedly (him punching her in the ribs hard to discipline her). I dont' have a dog, so I thought "maybe this is rough discipline????" No. It wasn't until doing some research that I found out that this is abuse!! I also started to see some other traits in this guy that made me realize I had a real treat on my hands. Sad.


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