Sunday, 2 March 2008

GMTV + Proposal =

Alright you I hate blogs going 'hahahahaha this videos so funny baahahahahhaha watch this' as much as the next person. I'm not even a huge fan of YouTube. I rarely find anything specifically made for YouTube funny and my boyfriend is driving me mental at the moment finding every single different rendition of people doing the dance to Soulja Boy that he can. So I'm pretty anti-youtube. But I saw this on Friday morning and knew as soon as it hit YouTube, I had to share and share alike.

Right so you know Feb 29th was a leap year, which means that traditionally, mental girls are allowed to propose to boys. I'll bet a good few girls did and good on them, I mean it takes balls. Which is probably why men do it most of the time...but anyway. Some will have done it in a romantic restaurant. Some will have proposed on the way home from work. Some will have woken up, looked into their partners eyes and simply popped the question there and then.

Some people, on the other hand, choose to do it live on morning TV.

Specifically, one woman called Emma wrote into GMTV, Britains most popular morning show, and arranged for them to help her out with the whole proposal thing....violins and all. What followed was like a scene from The Office starring Little and Large. Up until now, her boyfriend Mario apparently hadn't proposed because for the last 7 years , he'd been doing alot of DIY. That's right avid readers and viewers, DIY for the last 7 years had prevented him from taking things to the next level with the love of his life. Now if she believed that, she'd believe that elephants were handing him the nails because this bloke, well...let's just say he probably wasn't intending on doing it anytime soon. And he was revealing these sentiments by facial expression alone live on TV, surrounded by his work mates, a camera crew and a rather hefty, blubbing girlfriend. So, you wanna watch?

In the words of someone else ".....Yeah, go on then."

If GMTV's as popular as the stats suggest, then something tells me there were a lot of jewellery shops giving refunds on male engagement rings this weekend.


James said...

Ouch! But what was she thinking. I bet that engagement lasted al of ten minutes until the cameras where turned off.

Robbie said...

Damnit, I cant watch youtube videos at work, I'll have to remember to watch this later.

re: Youtube
If you want to watch a good youtube clip have a look at Adam Buxtons "Richard and Judy You Play We Pay" clip. It's fantastic.
Or there is one of some baby doing a political speach. Well it's just mumling words but someone has put on subtitles and words/mumbling do sound the same. That baby has some good ideas.

PS I can sit in front of youtube for a long time. It's like a giant episode of You've Been Framed. Do a search for "walking in to glass" Its great.

Boy said...

Ha, I can't remember how but I've already seen that. She's officially a freaking nutjob.

So, in 4 years I have to persuade someone to propose to me... Can't be that hard, surely?

Rachel said...

I cant hear the sound, what with having no speakers at work, but you can tell he's best than pleased isnt he! Poor deluded soul!
That is why women shouldnt propose!
It would be interesting to know whether the engagement is still on though!

survivingmyself said...

dude was asking for it man. All that time and no ring? Any normal man knows that the clock is ticking and you better get out or lock it up before all hell breaks loose.

Clarissa said...

I love that you have categorised this under 'stupid people'!

I'm generally not one to watch videos posted on blogs, but you hooked me with this one.

London-Lass said...


And what's with all those overloud violins at the end? Were they told by GMTV to "Play, goddammit play!!" so that the GMTV viewers (who have the attention span of a tiny gnat) could be distracted from the embarrassing events unfurling ...?

londongirl said...

"Yeah go on then"???????????

Could he be less enthusiastic about the idea???

Jo said...

james - I reckon you could be right.

robbie -Thanks for the suggestions. If I'm bored, like really really bored, and without even a paper to file...I shall check them out ;) My bloke's the same with I think it's a male thing.

boy - there'll be plenty of her type about if you look in the right places (mental homes) I'm sure

rachel - luckily his facial expressions say it all on that clip. No sound required.

surviving myself - how long do you reckon he thought he'd get away with the old 'Oh not now love, got loads of DIY on' line?

clarissa - I'm not one to post them, but this was comedy gold...

londonlass - haha I know! How cheesey is that! Hmm what shall we do to make this situation worse...I know! STRINGS! Ahhhh

Londongirl - Bahahahahaha that's definitely the clincher isn't it. It's like "Yeah, go on then, I'll have a cuppa if you're making one"

Deutlich said...

iiiiick. the soulja boy? makes me all sorts of pissy.

that happened @ a birthday party I attended during labor day last year. watching old people do the soulja boy was admittedly kinda funny but terribly obnoxious

Homer said...

Oh, the humanity. That was physically painful to watch.

Shameless said...

That made me cringe. Poor Mario.

weenie said...

I feel sorry for the poor deluded woman that he's going to change for the better just she has a ring on her finger...

Ladyshambles said...

Strewth. Had to watch that through my fingers.

She's clearly a window-licker on day release and he's probably been doing the house up so he can move the mistress in. Now he's been scuppered by GMTV.

All made even worse by the fact that she is not only a little bit chubby, but also taller than him. I feared he would be engulfed at the hugging moment.

fwengebola said...


That man is my idol.


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