Wednesday, 5 March 2008


See what I did there...blogs...books...blooks... yeah?
I'm on about the blogs that get spotted by some publishers and turned into real h'actual pages, with front covers and stuff...are they ever any good? Or, more importantly, are the blogs ever any good again after such an event?
I was just thinking about it because on jellyvision this morning (my telly is more jelly because the signals a bit miffed, goes all digitalised and stuff in the morning for some reason) there was this woman who runs a blog called Petite Anglais or something and she got sacked and sent to Hell (true story) when her work found it, but alas she was saved from a fate worse than Staines Job Centre by a beady eyed publisher who clearly saw ££KER-CHING££ and gave her a book deal, thus turning her into a breakfast TV / radio interviewee extraordinaire...I mean, author.
I never read it to begin with, but a sneaky glance at the aforementioned blog reveals that it has turned rather into a book advertising campaign, full of shameless plugs pointing towards amazonian websites where pounds are converted into books. This is probably due to her publisher going "Oi...PROMOTE, or its the unemployment line for you, scoundrel!" and because from a marketing point of view, the blog would be the perfect place to direct people and make some wonga. And fair do's, coz this lady lost her job over the whole thing so she'll need some monét and chop chop fast.
Then there's My Boyfriend Is a Twat which I denounced in the early days as Blog Most Likely to Entertain ITV Viewers, aka middle aged housewives who chortle about the uselessness of men when it comes to hoovering or something...and I stick to that opinion because the only thing I ever found funny was the title (which is inspired). I've spent many a minute trying to figure out what the rest of the fuss was about. Anyway, that got made into a book and subsequently went all book promotion crazy too. To her credit, it appears to be back to normal now...but the advert in the sidebar remains.
Onto the sexytime blogs, Girl With A One Track Mind and Belle du Jour both made their leap from bareback to paperback and, in Belle's case, to Billy Piper's back. Although The Girl still posts about sexytime, there's an awful lot about how much life has changed since being outed a couple of years ago. Belle has (I think) given up her practiced trade although still posts about life...but neither are what they used to be.
And so, the question remains: if you were offered a book deal out of your blog which would make you a few bob, send your blog stats through roofage, give you temporary online celeb status and impel you to write about nothing but book signings, where you can buy the book, did I mention I had a book out, and the book is available on amazon, a book store, blog is also a book...would you do it?
Silly question, some might say. At first, I thought YEAHHHH DEFFO but after weighing it up a bit...I'm not sure you know. I like the idea of getting something published one day...but my blog? I'm not sure I'd want it alllll the way out there. I think a lot of blogs lose something the day they hit paperback, but I can't put my finger on what it is. It certainly isn't their amazon membership.
(Apologies for the lack of linkage in this post, I'm not being a meanie...I just assume most people know where to find the above blogs. They're easily googlable, and I'm very lazy. I should also mention I haven't read any of these blooks...this is more about the blogs themselves)


pinkjellybaby said...

my blog would never ever get published, it's way too boring...but I think i'd take the money and then set up somewhere else to be more 'me'

James said...

I have plans to turn my blog into a blook one day. It will be titled 'How not to write a good blog - illustrated with hundreds of examples'

Oh...I do enjoy using the comedy technique of self depreciation - but I'm not very good at it!

(I've been waiting to tell that joke for ages... so you better of laughed)

China Blue said...

There is the question of what to write post-publication. Where do you take the writing? Are people interested in your new, offline life? The blog will never be the same afterwards... but who cares? Take the money and leg it!

Clarissa said...

I've got a "real" job -- ie: haven't got the time; but I think I'd sell myself out if approached.

On Petite - I like her! Even w/ the recent pimpage. There is something that attracts me. So much so I even put a link to her book on my blog (like she needs it!).

But I do see what you mean.

weenie said...

Nah, I wouldn't be tempted. Quite like my anonymity and enjoy making the odd post about something or nothing.

If under pressure to write something witty or interesting because of cash or advertising, it'd all stop being an enjoyment for me and become a chore.

J-Money said...

Oh, I'd totally do this in a red hot minute.

I'm already unemployed, I've already been fired, and the cottage cheese in my fridge lasts longer than most of my relationships. It's not like I've got anything to lose.

Hear that, publishers? Come get me!

arbyn said...

I was really disappointed with the Belle du Jour books. They don't work as books. They work as blog entries.

I think the allure of the blooks is they're anonymous.

Which is the #1 reason I am not. Too much hoo ha and I'm just not that cool.

Boy said...

Hate to be a sell out but I'd sell up in a minute. Really hope I get the opportunity to one day to!

HOWEVER, I imagine I'd start another blog up where I could just be normal, but not under the watchful eye of the publisher, for my hardcore who've been with me from the start :).

I've actually decided that I'm going to do NaNoWriMo this year, and I'm going to make it semi-autobiographical, pretty much based on my blog but made more entertaining, and with more happy endings. Pun intended.

James said...

If you fancy reading about what someone thought of Petite Anglais' book, you should read this post.

Hannah said...

Huh. On the one hand, sure - how great would that be?! Cash for something you've already done the work for.

On the other - I don't know that I'd want to rescind my anonymity. I write my blog because I enjoy doing it; not for anyone else.

Of course, it'd be nice to be faced with such a dilemma!

Miss Understood said...

I'd love to get published but I'm not sure I'd want my blog published. It's way too boring and random. But if someone has an interesting story to tell, then turning it into a book to reach umpteen more thousands of people...why not?

Have you heard of Wandering Scribe? I was hooked on her blog. It was a shame when she got all that negative feedback when she was approached by a publisher. Check her out if you haven't heard about her.

London-Lass said...

I'd also heard about some anonymous police person whose blog was turned in to a book but which didnt pan out that well in paper form due to the constant on-line linkage that had been originally incorporated in their posts. I, personally, wouldnt want my one published (not that anyone's offered to, before I start sounding Ms Pompous here) but my blog is anonymous and if it was taken on by a publishing company I think it would cause me quite a few problems. Bitching on an anonymous blog is great and highly recommended - bitching in a book that would probably end up being read by the people you're bitching about is not quite so fun.

survivingmyself said...

I would be so down. Hell yes I'd do it.

Ladyshambles said...

I would have my blog published if someone thought it would be worth the paper it was stamped on, but then I'd have to discontinue old Ladyshambles (cos it wouldn't be a blog anymore, like) and start another equally compelling one. Or something.

And as for the bird what writes Girl With A One-Track Mind, I'm sick to death of hearing her bleating on about how she was 'outed' etc. I'm sure it was horrid, but really... Tell us something we don't know and rise above it. I'm not a meanie, but she's been given some fantastic opportunities as a result of losing her anonymity, so celebrate your silver lining instead of rehashing the same tired old subject woman!

Hmmm. Obviously I should get that topic off my chest in a proper post.

Reluctant Blogger said...

Nope never.

If I wanted to write a book I would do so. I like my blog for what it is - an outlet for me and I want it to stay exactly as it is.

Marika said...

I read a book not that long ago that was apparently I blog first. I didn't know until after I'd read it, but it didn't impact my view of it at all, in fact I loved it.

Me, definitely not. I think it would turn something that's fun into just another job.

Homer said...

Late to the party again.

I used to read Girl with a one track mind and Petite Anglaise about three years ago and enjoyed them, but you're quite right - all they're about now is the publishing process.

Some bloggie friends and I saw both of them at a blogmeet a year ago. (My friend had been invited, but chickened out of introducing herself due to the noxious waves of self-satisfaction eminating from their part of the pub, so we sat in the corner making bitchy remarks all afternoon instead.) Girl with a one track mind looks like Dana International in the flesh.

Ella said...

I'm thinking I would take the money. I would then go on holiday and only come back when my mum had gotten over the shock of reading the details of my love life in print.


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