Monday, 25 February 2008

How to do "Surprise" - propa.

Surprises. Ahhhh, surprises. I love a good surprise. I love a bad surprise, as long as it's not me getting surprised. I had a good surprise at the weekend.

All week the boyfriend's telling me don't make any plans for the weekend, we're going away. Wooooop! think I, slightly worried by the fact that boyfriend is absolutely skint and wondering where on earth we could be going that costs nothing except petrol to get there. Three hours west there, three hours back, I'm told. Bring clothes you can walk in. A joke about us going fishing and staying in a tent starts to get repetitive, to the extent I start thinking we actually might be going to stay in a tent / hut by a lake owned by a bloke called Vincent. Then e-mails at work start to contain links such as

which one are you going for?

and I start to get worried. Particularly when he's telling me what to pack and advises me to bring my swimming stuff in case I want to swim in the lake. "What? I won't want to swim in a lake - it'll be freezing" "No it won't. I've got mine. Pack 'em anyway, it'll be fun". So I succumb and pack the swimming stuff - and we set off to Somerset. A couple of hours later, we've stopped to pick up some food - I opt for some dutty ming mong noodles after learning that we will only have a kettle - and we drive towards the middle of nowhere. He turns the car into a winding lane, next to a lake, and he points at something. "Whats that?" seeing a sign I say "Ooh look, a health spa!" and he goes "Really?" and pauses, before starting to turn the car into the drive. "What are you doing? Are we - ?" I ask, mouth open. "I don't know...are we?" and yes, the car is moving up the gravel driveway towards a huge country house and I'm still expecting to drive past and see a tent with my name on it. Right up until he parks the car, we get out and check into Ceder Falls Health Spa.


We check into our room and spend the rest of the weekend laying about with other dressing gown clad people (mostly 50+ women), reading books on loungers by the pool, taking regular dips in the jacuzzi, sauna-ing, steam-ing, relaxing. Best of all - it's courtesy of the boyfriend's mum, who has booked the boyfriend in for a
Kinesiology session which turned out to be largely a pile of bollocks, in his humble opinion. Apparently the boyfriend is food-sensitive to spinach, tia maria and coffee. I'd say his funny tummy is gods punishment for eating popcorn and other crunchy things too loudly, but that's just me. And yours truly? I treated myself to a massage. And yoouuuu know I've got something to say about my next post. Burp.


Clarissa said...


London-Lass said...

Christ alive. You know what I thought you were leading up to with your propa headline and `building up the anticipation' theme to your post.

A marriage proposal.

I think I need a stiff drink.

Miss Understood said...

You lucky bugger!

Boy said...

That's so unfair! I really want to go to a health spa and have a proer massage and stuff. Boo!

James said...

I can't get the Little Britain image of health spas out of my head...sorry.

I like the sound of chirping birds on the health spa website, I thought there was a nest of chicks outside my window for a moment.

weenie said...

Sounds fantastic. And as per London-lass, 29th is looming up for proposals.... :-)

pinkjellybaby said...

woweeee! lucky you! I love surprises, sadly, saving up and moving to another country don't allow for them...

AFC 30K said...

I wish I could be that forward thinking. I'm really crap with surprises for Wifey.

Oh, and there there's the fact we never seem to have any spare cash.

Oh, and then there's the baby..... Can't bugger off to a health spa for a relaxing weekend when you have a child in tow. Grandparents are only an option for the ocasional day here and there.

Anyway, lucky you and congratualtiosn to the Boyf for planning such a surprise - he's making some of us chaps look bad!

Rachel said...

Ooh so jealous, the biggest surprise iv had recently is a night in a travel inn!

Jo said...

clarissa - My thoughts exactly!

londonlass - Woah there. Nooo way jose! Mentalist.

Miss U - I knowwwwww :-D

Boy - Do it! You can get good deals you know...

James - We did our fair share of 'Come here dallin...Bubbllesss' impersonations don't you worry ;) I had the website open at work and for about 15 mins was thinking what the fuck is that bird noise?

Weenie - Again, mental. No way.

PJB - yeah..moving house/country is kind of the opposite of relaxing I suppose!

afc - I have to say, the lack of babies and under 16s in fact was lovely. No dive bombing in the pool. Bliss!

Jo said...

rachel - You know what, I'd probably be just as happy with a night in a travel inn!

Simbarashe said...

ya, but did you STEAL the towels?


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