Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Years Resolution


Anyone else have a room arrangement that rivals mine? I pick what I want to wear and lay it out on the bed. Then when I come in at night, everything goes onto a chair. Then, when I want to use the chair, it goes back onto the bed. On the rare occasions I decide to use bed and chair, for example when I have a guest...

...the clothes go back onto the floor. It's a system that has worked for the past 23 years, and I am reluctant to change such an efficient way of keeping things tidy. However, I feel it's time for a revolution...it's time to have a wardrobe / cupboard / shelf / under the bed CLEAR OUT.

Pray for me and my tshirts from the 1990s, kept "just in case". Farewell to my GCSE history text books which may or may not be returned to the school. Goodbye, Thornton's box of chocolates with only the rancid coffee cremes left, you shall not be eaten. Aurevoir, a selection of cassette tapes featuring the best in London's underground garage pirate radio stations, circa 1999. Bon voyage alarm clock, which no matter how many times I change it will always show the wrong time by 45 minutes. And oh, you many folders full of A-Level psychology, history, performing arts and english notes, as well as 4 years of university work all stored under my desk just in case I want to relive the education experience in the comfort of my own room...I think it's time you went to the recycling box in the sky. No, no, folders! I can't give you one last look. It's just too difficult to say goodbye that way, and you'll end up convincing me to keep you just one more year..in case someone needs them! You'll regret it once we're gone! How will you ever remember the different psychological sleep stages? Or the life and times of Bismarck? George Gerschwin's happy tunes are just a page awaaay!

Or what about the unused shot glasses with quirky things like "How can I be so thirsty this morning when I drank so much last night?" written on them?

Think of all the space I'll have! The possibilities are endless. And pretty. And foot-shaped.


James said...

Wooohooo first comment on a 2008 post.

That's some mess of a room, don't all the clothes get all creased and in need of a wash and an iron once they have been back and forth from the chair/bed/floor a few times?

I'm not a big hoarder but I like to keep my education stuff for nostalgia sake.

Anyway must press publish button before I get beaten to the first place comment award. Is there a trophy?

fwengebola said...

God, New Yearses suck.

pink jellybaby said...

pardon me for saying, but you have a load of crap! Chuck it out and buy new bags and shoes!!!

Reluctant Blogger said...

haha that is one hell of a mess. Like James, I am rather intrigued to know what happens next. Is the next stage washing the clothes or do they get worn again in that creased state a few more times before then? Or does washing not feature at all????

Whatever you do, though, Jo, when you are chucking things out (if you do), don't throw out any personal letters and things, not even if they are really old and from people you would rather forget existed. I did that once and I really really wish I hadn't!

Happy New Year!

AFC 30K said...

Mmmmm - that reminds me of my dads house (apart from the womens clothes...).

I am the opposite of my dad. A place for everything and everything in it's place and your room would drive me insane with a wanton desire to tidy.

Jo said...

James - WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO... I like keeping my exercise books from first school, they're quite funny. But the uni / college stuff is just transcribed from lessons and stuff. No trophy I'm afraid, just that little glow of pride at being first to comment on such a FABULANTANIOUS blog such as this.


pjb- What else is ebay for!

Reluctant - the bed to chair to bed to floor cycle happens about 3 times, then I'll have a Virgo moment and have to clean it all up and blitz my room and organise everything, including wash the clothes, then it'll repeat all over again. And there's no chance I'll be chucking out any sentimental stuff...I can't bring myself to do it, I love sitting and reading old notes and diaries etc

afc - I get that 'tidy' impulse about once a week. It gets too much so I have to clean everything. I like to have everything in its place, funnily enough whenever I'm stressed, I'll tidy. Its like I reorder my thoughts along with my stuff.

Lola Cherry Cola said...

Oooh, I can relate to that. I had a massive clear out not too long ago and I am a major hoarder so it wasn't easy. Out went my high school and A-level books, clothes I haven't worn in the past 5 years, keyrings and random scraps of paper that at one point I must have thought that it was worthwhile keeping.

Hope the clear out goes well, but just try not to fill up all that newly acquired space too quickly ;-)

weenie said...

Your room messiness rivals mine - I must show that photo to my family to show them that it's not just me....

Venting said...

I love those purple shoes. But the room? My god. I'd have a seizure if mine ever got that bad. (Although it reminds me of McDreamy's room when he had his own and before I started forcing him to clean it once a week).

However, I am a tad OCD about cleaning...

Jo said...

Lola - Ohh but it's so tempting. Empty space doesn't stay empty for long around here.

Weenie - haha, love it...go for it!

Venting - I have the shoes in silver. Mmmmmmmm.


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