Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Why I Love Living At Home

"Jo? Are you awake?"
"I'm going to work now."
"Can you put the hoover round the living room and hallway at some point today please?"
"Don't forget the dogs are here, they'll need walking soon."
"Also, something's pooed on the patio and so that needs clearing up. I don't know if its the cat or dog or what, but there's poo bags in the utility room. Ok?"
"Eh? Eurrgh. Mhrrr."
"Are you getting up?"
"It's after 9 o'clock."

5 minutes later. A yell from downstairs.

"Yep, definitely"

And my day has begun. Aside from the above, I shall also be obsessively watching my email and my phone for the words 'Private Number' which will be the call I'm waiting for. I'm beginning to think they've forgotten about me. Tonight when my parents get in and ask if they've rung, I'll feel a bit silly saying 'No, but it's only Wednesday', because I've been saying that for the last 2 days, and they'll say 'Oh, that's disappointing' and I'll say 'No, it's alright because they're busy and anyway today's the busiest day so it'll probably be later in the week'. It only matters so much because it's what I'm waiting for, and I'm on hold until the call comes. This week has been kept free for something that, so far, isn't happening. My other task today is trying to convince myself that it doesn't matter either way.

Good job I have an assortment of things to clean up then, eh? Phew.

(PS. I think it's fox poo on the patio)


AFC 30K said...

I left a great long comment but Blogger ate it.

But in short - times always goes slower when you're waiting for something important..

Jo said...

Blogger's eating all the comments I leave for people today...Grr.

And thats very true. Time is passing extremely slowly at the moment...still no call!

pink jellybaby said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee you know what these media people are like..all forgetful and that

AFC 30K said...

If they haven't rung you by Friday afternoon then give them a call.

Trust me, they really won't mind. I've had a couple of jobs where I've litterally had to pester them for a contract even though I'd had a verbal offer.

Jo said...

PJB - I hope thats all it is..

AFC - Advice to be followed tomorrow!

Bec said...

I laughed out loud at the you/Mum conversation as that is almost verbatim (minus poo) what is happening here everyday at the moment.

It's just 'stunning' living at home isn't it? Stunning,

Jo said...

bec - It's a whollllle other world.


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