Saturday, 10 November 2007

The Rundown

Sorry about the random rant the other day, I'm not. Bahaha.

It did kind of detract from what I was h'actually going to write about though (I forgot) which I have now remembered. Mostly I was going to write about work experience at the rather large broadcasting company where I've been working for the last 4 weeks and hasn't time flown because it has now ended! As of yesterday, I am a jobless wonder once again.

Tell you what though, work experience was actually an you know people usually scoff at work experience and brush it off as something you just have to do, and the time is usually spent filing or sitting around doing mush all; you're just an office skivvy taking staples out of paper or something. And there was the fair share of crap to do, but because of the nature of the programme even that wasn't bad because you got to read what you were filing and it was interesting stuff, or just plain crazy depending on what it was about.

The best thing was that it wasn't the standard office 9-5, there was something different to do every day. Some days were more exciting than others obviously, but towards the end of the placement I got shit hawwwwt at avoiding the crap stuff and getting the decent jobs and most importantly doing it well. I got to pretend to be a presenter during rehearsals which was cool, reading from the autocue all mic-ed up and stuff, spent days ferretting around central London buying props and arranging film locations (a bit like I was on Challenge Anneka or something except without the lyrca jump suit). And then when you'd spent the week doing all these different random things, you'd watch the programme go out and see all these things that you'd done being used and it was all watched by millions of people.

So even though TV wasn't really something I'd considered, I started to think Hmmm, I like this. Unfortunately, there's quite a high turnover of work experience people so they're hardly in a rush to pay someone to do something they can get for free. So I collected contact details on my last day, said goodbyes to the people I'd helped out...and then I got taken aside by the production manager. And by the end of next week, I'll be able to tell you what happened. Grab your incontinence pads ladies and gents....the excitement may make a little bit of wee come out. Or not.


Leigh Russell said...

Hi there, I enjoyed your post right up until the end. When you get to my age, that's just no longer funny! Enough about me, back to you. What an exciting time you had and well done for avoiding the boring jobs once you found your feet. You'll go far if you don't let go of the cliff ..... or even if you do, from the sound of your blog!

James said...

Sounds very exciting Jo, well done.

But JOANNA wee (excuse the pun) don't want to wait another week...tell us now. Now! Now, Now! Joanna.


kit lizette said...

fingers crossed then. I take it you will know next week, correct?

cliffhanger it is.

:) Kit

Jo said...

Leigh - Hello! Haha, please keep the mess to a minimum :-D Cheers!

James - NO! You, like me, will have to wait and see. I'm as in the dark as you! (Sort of)

Kit - I will indeed :)

Marika said...

Padded and waiting for good news.

Miss Understood said...

Ooooh...this soungs great! Got my fingers crossed for you...

pink jellybaby said...

ohhh eeeee. tell us and tell us NOW!!!!

London-Lass said...

*waits patiently whilst stifling her wee*

the boy who likes to... said...

You need to get the Hollyoaks tune to play at the end of this entry.

Also whats the deal with 2007. Everyone has mentioned how the time has flown by. Just earlier I was in the dentist doing my 6 month check up and the dentist said "has it really been 6 months. Boy time has flown."


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