Thursday, 15 November 2007

Open for burglary

I pop out to the car to grab my iPod.

"Err, might want to take your car keys back out of the front door after you've opened it?"

"Oh right, yes, I was just err..."

"...Just getting your car and all our worldly possessions nicked by a passing criminal."

"Yep, oh. Ah. Whoops. "

If it had been me....Need I say more?

Still no call. AFC, you're right. One more day, and I'll call them.
EDIT: I made the call. She was meaning to ring me today: Things will happen at the end of next week.


AFC 30K said...

wifey does that with her keys.... But when I berate her she reckons I'm a little OCD; Yeah, that's right love, obsessive about not making it easy for the crims to let themselves in.

Drama Queen said...

And I love how you stop to take a pic. . .

AFC 30K said...

Ahhhh - the end of next week.

I am on tenter hooks for you now!

James said...

I've done that many a time... Twice my neighbours have knocked on the door to let me know my keys are still in the lock.

I also left the front door wide open one night after coming in during the early hours of the morning. I remember in my slightly drunken state not wanting to slam the door shut and wake my housemates, but I think I went a little far with the 'soft shutting' of the door and didn't actually close it. For some reasons my housemate who slept on the groundfloor of the house didn't seem to appreciate my consideration for others the next morning.

Jo said...

DQ - uh uh...googled that one I'm afraid ;)

Cheers AFC.

Jo said...

James we had a mate at uni who often stayed at our house...because our house only locked from the inside if you had the key, he often just left in the morning in his drunken mess and left the door wide open. Which in Hull is no mean feat.

Steph said...

So did you get robbed? I'm slow ya gotta spell it out.

Jo said... steph, we were both in the house :D


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