Wednesday, 24 October 2007

WHUCA Wednesday

Save The (Fake) Leopards Society
Every year thousands of leopards are unnecessarily coveted for their fur. Their numbers are dwindling at an impossible rate. But you, yes YOU can help...HOW?

Stop your bloody mates going out dressed like THIS

Love, love, love. What have you come as? King of the Jungle? Cavegirl of the Circle Line?

I don't know what's going on with the whole animal print craze this it in, is it out...ask someone else; I'm no style guru. But what I know is that furry leopard print gilets will never be in, no matter the weather or location be it the London underground or the African plains. It's just a bit 'Me Tarzan, you Jane' for my tastes. And what a shame, because this little scamp actually had quite a good look going on apart from the incident with the leopard err, furry bodywarmer thing...even down to the 'one finger in the pocket' slouching stance favoured by the YESYESRUDEGALWHATUSAYIN' youth of today. H'oh yes.

The lesson? Laydees, gents, whales and other bald mammals: Leave furs, fake or otherwise, to those wot come born with it....TRUE STORY.

Class dismissed.

As always, send your own snappage of the 'What have you come as' variety to


lorna said...

fabulous. I have been lamenting/railing against the animal print thing- it reminds me too much of Safari Barbie in the 80s. oh and a heads up- i changed my blog address (being a fucking grown up and all). its now


James said...

Hmmm lovely

Drama Queen said...

I love how you get away with this. . .

Hannah said...

Gah. You must be KIDDING me. Urgh.


Miss Understood said...

Have you got a wide angled lens, or do you just point it and shoot, regardless of the consequences? LoL. I wish I had your balls!

the boy who likes to... said...

I like it. It looks good.

Im starting to see a trend of what you dislike and what I like....hmmmm

londongirl said...

FOUL. I hate leopard print. And I know it's supposed to be cool in small doses - eg shoes - but I really can't get on board with it!

Lapa said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
London-Lass said...

Eek. I own a leopard print large shoulder bag I bought 3 years ago in a market in Miami .. I guess that makes me E-V-I-L. Sob.

PS : I've never worn a gilet though. Furry or otherwise.

Jo said...

lorna - I shall update. And Barbie in the 80s! Yes! Somehow she could pull it off though...

James - my thoughts exactly

DQ & Miss Understood - It's all about timing. And making the most of your camera phone in a 'I'm texting / no I'm not I'm taking a photo'. And don't forget to turn the sound effects off.

Hannah - Yet more delights from my wonderful city.

the boy - It's ok because you're probably her target audience. Girls with a critical eye...not so much.

londongirl - Hurrah! Join my club, Animal Print Haters Anonymous (not so anonymous as I would like).

deleted commenter - Oh, I'm sorry - did you say something? Sod awf. You'll not get published on this blog, go elsewhere.

london lass - Hmmm, maybe I'll excuse you for the bag. As for top halves...Bodywarmers yes. Gillets of the furry variety....nooooooooooooooo.


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