Wednesday, 31 October 2007

That's another fine mess you've got yourself into, McCartney...

It's strange. Being newly accustomed to this 'waking up before 9am' lark, I'm discovering the wonders, or should I say absolute catalogue of cringe that is GMTV. Let's push aside the intolerable irritant that is Lorraine 'Can you see ma growler' Kelly for one minute and focus on the Heather Mills-McCartney 'exclusive' put out this morning... live-o pon de pre-9am watershed telly. Never heard of it? That's because only Britain's unemployed, bored housewives, stay at home mums, television workers and those waiting for Jeremy Kyle h'actually watch it.

THE CLIP -->>,,20155885,00.html

Here the story goes:

Heather Mills marries Beatle. Heather Mills and Beatle divorce. The Sun Newspaper goes hell for leather with its tabloid might and turns her into Public Enemy No.3 (spots 1 and 2 being already taken by the Chuckle Brothers). Entire country sides with Beatle, because Beatle is national treasure and must not therefore be sniffed at. Mills is hounded day and night by the parp-arazzi. Mills gets sick of it. Goes pon GMTV aka Television Tabloid and unleashes the dragon fist of fury in front of entire nation. Mills is not left alone. Tabloids do not say 'Ok, sorry, you're right...let's move on: where are those pesky McCanns at?' , Tabloids unleash the dragon fist of fury back and she is currently on every tabloid front page in the country. And a few bored-sheets as well. Job well done.

Seriously...what was she thinking? When she wasn't being Martin Mentalcase I actually felt for her a little bit, the press are a formidable enemy and have no right to violate any ones life to the extent that the person goes h'actually crazy ala Mills....but seriously: was this ever going to be a good move? When it comes to beating the press, I was under the impression that fighting fire with fire results in rather a large scalding rather than a cool breeze of indifference.

In all honesty on this issue, I'm full of conflicting views. I can't help but shrug when a celebrity complains of press intrusion: but should there be a limit?

I think she actually has some very valid points about press intrusion, I've written about the negative effects of it before and think when selling papers comes at the expense of a life (or quality of life) it should be reined in by legislation. On the other hand, the question remains that in this country of free speech, and if you choose to utilise the tabloids for your own gain: do they have every right to do the same?

The website she is promoting is and there's a petition to sign if you agree with her. I'm confused.


Steph said...

The media has painted her as satans slut for sure, but you can't help wonder at how much she has brought on by herself.

Grump said...

I looked at the video and she makes eye contact with the viewer twice with the emphasis on the I'm sick of it. It is if she is playing to the camera rather than talking to the interviewer.
I hate celebrity so who am I to critise.
Love your blog though.
Woof x

Perpetual said...

I find it ironic that the whole thing seems to have backfired on her. What did she expect after she courted press support for the divorce and got none whatsoever?

The best thing she can do is quietly agree her divorce and then disappear quietly into the sunset. I'm not sure she has a leg to stand on if she wants to do anything else.

London-Lass said...

*emerges from hole & prepares for stoning*

I'm gonna go against the majority and say I actually feel quite sorry for Heather Mills. Yes, OK, she's going to do very nicely with the divorce settlement, yad di yah, but I'm not buying this `Macca is whiter than white whereas she is fresh from the devil's groin' crap.

*crawls back in hole*

londongirl said...

I'm with you on the fire with fire point - being bland and boring does get rid of the paps eventually. Ranting doesn't.

Ella said...

I think the tabloids in this country are disgusting and privacy laws most definately have to be revised. I understand the freedom of expression arguments and the the fact that celebrities do court the press but I don't think those arguments justify the apparently unbridled power to stalk celebrities that the press seem to have. I despise the woman but sympathise with her (and poor old Britney).

Clarissa said...

I am ashamed of myself. I generally avoid Metro. Today, the picture of Ms. Mills drew me in. Like a moth to a flame. I am embarrassed.

The Boy said...

I... ah... ehem... (worked in the newspaper business)... Shhh! Don't point, its rude.

So, I know more than I should. To be fair, there is a certain female editor who works for this australian bloke who does have a wee vendetta going for Ms Mills, but that doesn't mean Mills is entirely innocent. She plays the game, and hard. Mysterious divorce papers getting faxed from the middle of nowhere, annonymous "tip" calls to journalists from a female with a rather recognisable accent, and a lot of other "incidents" I won't go into that are pure playing the game.

I suspect we've got another person on self destruct like Madame Spears, and the press enjoy reviling her, but only because she plays along.

The press code of ethics is taken seriously. Though undoubtably the line does get pushed, for the most part people who *honestly* want their privacy kept are mostly left alone.

Jo said...

steph - Its the age old dilemma, in my opinion all celebrities bring it on themselves to an extent.

grump - helloooo! It's always interesting to look at the body language of celebs in interviews. They give away more than they mean to, as you've rightly proved. Merci for the bloggage complimenti.

perpetual - teehee, leg to stand on, teehee. I have no idea what spurred the outlash at the tabloids. Not an intelligent move, as proved by her pr bloke who quit the day before :-D

londonlass - see, that's where I fall down on this as well. On the one hand I found it really disturbing, on the other hand I thought 'oh you silly cow, what have you gone and done that for?'

londongirl - there are so many stars who are left well alone by the press, making me think those who are bugged incessently must be doing something to bring it on.

ella - I'm of the same split opinion, but I really don't know much about HM apart from the basics. I'm reluctant to believe the Sun on anything though, as a rule!

clarrisa - don't be, I'm the first to critisise the McCanns media intrusion, but will always scan the headlines if a stories there. Call it human interest.

the boy - nice to have an insiders point of view...I have no doubt that the 'exclusives' have to come from somewhere. Reading Peirs Morgans book The Insider, as much as I dispise him, it was surprising to see the extent celebs go to to keep the money coming in.


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