Friday, 5 October 2007

One Big Whinge

Nothing much to report today. Been working at my mum's school for the last couple of days which has been good. I was starting to go crazy being in the house all day and it was taking it's toll on interactions with my parents; after 4 years of living at uni this isn't going to be an easy time in that respect. I probably have become more selfish since living at uni, but I'm not sure why my parents are all that surprised: I've been living in a place where if something's not cleared up, it can stay til the next day, or the next...or whenever I feel like cleaning. I'm used to coming in and sorting myself out with dinner if I'm hungry. I could also have stomped upstairs yelling 'It's bloody stupid' without getting an earful about swearing from my mum. Ahh, the joys of university. I went away to Australia aged 18, nipped off to uni as soon as I got back and came returned aged 23. A lot's changed.

I've been feeling decidedly mental this week...I've cried 3 times and I can't tell whether I'm getting pissed off because I have a right to be pissed off, or whether the new pill I'm on is sending me loopy. Those who I'm pissed off with would probably tell me it's the pill. It's the logical explanation. Or they'd tell me that it's because I don't have much else to occupy my time at the moment. Maybe it is - who knows. I, however, would like to think that I'm allowed to be annoyed. Knowing the reason of why you're pissed off doesn't make that thing you're annoyed about any less annoying, does it? In fact, someone blaming the fact you're annoyed on something else entirely is probably the most annoying thing they can say to an annoyed person. Am I making sense?

I try not to make this blog too personal, most things that I write about are largely superficial; smokers, appearances, fatties, drivers, celebrities, sniffing, people who eat with their mouth open, when other people ruin my cinema experience by eating...actually there's alot to do with eating that annoys me. But sitting here right now I feel really pissed off and it's at nothing in particular, nothing that anyone else would see as a big deal anyway. It's loads of little, insignificant things that tonight are weighing down my mind. Like there's a massive black cloud above my head with an angry little face, a furrowed brow and an upturned smile. And if my mouse had batteries I'd draw you it using my magnificent MS Paint skills.

Instead I'm going to watch Eastenders and eat a chinese.

Oh, and if one more episode of Eastenders finishes with a shot of that Dr Spock child, Steven Beale, I will take all my anger out on the BBC. Oh yeah. They better run.

Have a good weekend

Update: Guess whose morbid little face was occupying the screen when the credits rolled. Oh yeah. You betcha. Smackdown, BBC, smackdown.


Ella Rice said...

I can't stand Steven Beale either, so friggin annoying!

Steph said...

We all have days like that, sweets.
vodka and chocolate seems to help me, why not give that a try.

Grump said...

HI I see your comments around the blogs including one of my favourites London Lass. I noticed you have been to Australia. I came out here aged 22 and stayed. Love here in Melbourne. I agree re the eating in Cinemas. I cant abide it.
I was once in a near empty cinema early evening. Sat alone ready for a cinematic feast. Just as the lights dimmed someone sat in front of me and proceeded to open up a chinese take away. Then with in a minute another hungry bugger sat almost next to me and unpacked a sandwich. That was the straw that did the camel in. I got up and relocated a few rows away. 2 hours to watch a movie can't you eat first or after???
Cheers Mark x

Clarissa said...

OHHHHH. He is Dr. Spock's offspring, isn't he? Yuck.

mjohnson said...

Perhaps a letter bombing campaign

Miss Understood said...

Sounds like hormones to me. I used to cry all the time, till they took them all away!

The Beale family should be hung, strung and laughed at.

Hannah said...

Urgh - you poor thing. I went through exactly the same thing when I changed my Pill: I thought I was going clinically loopy. It was the random crying in the middle of the day in Starbucks that really got to me.

Stick with it, though. My crazy symptoms only lasted a couple of weeks - I figured it was easier to stick it out rather than come off one, and go through all the same symptoms with another.

Jessica said...

I somehow feel lucky I'm not on the pill and don't watch Eastenders :)

I'm sure it will pass in a little while and you'll be back to your normal self.

Bec said...

And what's with the trying to kiss Jane?! Sorry, went soapy for a second.

londongirl said...

Hope the grumpy feeling has gone away - I prescribe good friends or exercise!

Jo said...

ella - argh I know, whats going on with him...odd job. awful character.

steph - an astoundingly good idea!

grump - hallo! I loved australia, especially perth. I want to go back one day but do the less touristy bits. And eating chinese in the cinema? I'm glad I wasn't there, would have gone MENTAL. That's too much.

Clarissa - spitting image. just check out those eyebrows!

mjohnson - I was thinking silent protest outside the elstree studios, but letter bombs...hmmm...

miss understood- Yeah i think hormones play a part. Sometimes you just want to be annoyed for a reason other than hormones though!

Hannah - Ah good to hear it's normal. I switched as I couldn't be sure whether my last one was suiting me, as I couldn't remember being off it if that makes sense. So I'm using this one as a comparison. I've got 3 months supply to assess it so I'll stick at it!

Jessica - I suppose the pill is one thing you'll never have to worry about :D The perks of not being straight!

Bec - The whole story line is doing my head in. Yes, it's crap TV anyway but I don't like seeing Steven Beales mug at the end of every episode.

Londongirl - Yes, thankfully feeling alot better. :)

pink jellybaby said...

I know exactly what you mean, i've been feeling like that for about a week but more upset than angry - and i have NO REASON. Apart from PMT.


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