Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Internet Related Annoyances


Yes...I know blogs generally invite rather a lot of spam. But I'm quite lucky, I don't really get much in the way of anonymous website address kind of comments. I get wonderful little gems and chocolately muffins (not really) from readers who have something to say....or err, those who just pop up once when they want something never to return again. Yeah. You know who you are, you little scamp.

What annoys me is when someone, normal blogger type with profile and blog and everything, leaves a big stinking advert for a crappy AUTHOR who is either talking about himself in the 3rd person or has got someone else to do the dutty work for him....now this thing usually goes like this.

"TOP PORTUGUESE UNIVERSAL WRITER"....Why, that is definitely the biggest contradiction I've seen all day. If he's writing in Portuguese, he's not universally understood...is he? I can't speak Portuguese. Most people reading a British blog won't speak Portuguese. My mate Est can speak Spanish fluently but she doesn't read this blog because she's got better things to do. Like speak Spanish in Spain.

"He has, also, translated into Portuguese the BLAH BLAH by BLAH BLAH." Wicked, again...so he's made another text completely inaccessible for everyone who can't read Portuguese. Thanks for letting me know.

"He has been awarded several prizes." Was one of them 'Worst Publicity Campaign 2007' ?

"Don't forget the name of this great author, you'll be hearing of him soon." NO I WON'T BECAUSE I DON'T READ PORTUGUESE!!! Sod awf!

"Please, add blog to your favourites,Thanks for visiting." And that's the bit that really gets to me. For one, I haven't even visited your blog. You've spammed my blog like three times now, and I've asked you not to and you've apologised....So why on earth am I going to add it to my favourites you mentalist? If there was a Worst Blog list on my computer then I might add it to that, but strangely enough....there isn't, because that would be a chronic waste of time.

Cor...and he did it on a blog that whinges about how many annoying things there are in the world, on a post whinging about crap authors and their crap books. Are you MENTAL?

Anyway...and the other thing that annoys me is when music plays on webpages. But I'm all ranted out now.

Hopefully this post will make Sergeant Spamalot over there remember not to grace this blog with his shizz in future. BEGONE, FOUL BEAST!


Lapa said...
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Jo said...

José, you have learned your lesson. Spam gets you nowhere and doesn't sell books. Fact.

James said...

I think I have had the same spam over at my blog. So that's what Manuel did after Fawlty towers?

I too hate music that automatically starts when you open a blog or webpage, especially when you haven't realised you left your speakers on full pelt.

Lapa said...
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Hannah said...

Huh. You got him too, huh?

Jo said...

Hannah , it appears so. Hopefully he'll give it a rest now and see that he's really not making any friends by doing this.

HEAR THAT JOSE? We can be friends, but STOP SPAMMING all these people's BLOGS...it's NOT COOL... OK!

London-Lass said...

"Anyway...and the other thing that annoys me is when music plays on webpages.

Or those ones that have those weird `falling leaves' or `falling hearts' or `falling snow' things going on over the whole screen, the whole time. Proper does my eyes in, that.

Lapa said...

Jo, you are tuff.

Now it's the revenge...

Only a Spanish bullfighter, can handle your bad mood.

Whith all my respects.(I do not want to be miss understood.

See you.

Jo said...

I think mr spamalot's been having second thoughts about some of his comments...awful lot of Deleted ones in this post!


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