Monday, 10 September 2007

Surprises all round

Last week was both of our birthdays, the day after each other.

He's taking me somewhere for the weekend.

I'm taking him to see something in concert next Tuesday evening.

I'm usually a bit rubbish at surprises. Take, for example, the time I headed to a surprise birthday party (the one with the stripper, see link for pics...sick bag needed) without knowing the number of the house, and ended up getting to the house at the same time as the birthday girl (despite my best efforts to hide / pretend I had lost something behind her neighbour's wall "Jo, what are you doing in that garden?" Hmmm? Who? Oh! Hello!). It was a bit awkward as I walked through the door praying that the party goers didn't let off their noise for me. However, I've kept this one quite well. I have trusted him not to type the date and venue into google to find out who we're seeing...but I'm rather excited about it.

In fact, I really want to tell someone, but I can't even tell you lot because he occassionally dips into this blog for a bit of nightly reading. But ooooh. I just want to drop a few hints. But I can't. And I want him to say 'tell me tell me!' so I can tell him and he can be all excited like me.

I love getting surprises and presents - even if they're just a bar of chocolate. If the thought is there and I haven't had to ask for it, I'm happy. In fact, even when I have had to ask for it, I'm still happy.

Surely the response of giving a present is half the fun, agreed? So when me and my boyfriend arranged to see each other on Valentines day 2006, it was about our 4th date or so. There's me convinced that the only way he would have agreed to see me on the 14th Feb would be that he couldn't possibly know what day it was, as a result, I wasn't expecting a present. We had a nice evening (well, walking round the block actually because everywhere was either showing the football or shutting, but anyway) and he left mine at around half 12. Then I got a text. "I've left you a present. Want a clue?" Ohhhh the excitement, a little bit of wee came out.

I'm not even going to draw it out. The most obvious clue, "Under the bed" still brought me no joy and I became convinced that it was nothing more than a ploy to get me ferretting around my room for hours on end. Removing all the bedding, lifting the bed up, searching high and low. On one present-search rest period, my housemate said "Jo, have you checked actually under the mattress?" Err, no. Sure enough, sitting under the mattress was my present. (A DVD of Anchorman, the case filled with glittery stuff which then went all over my bed and stuck to everywhere in the way that glitter just does and a lovely note). I was happy, but exhausted. It had taken me 3 days to find it.

Thus, the best way of giving a present is when the reaction is immediate. There was of course the time my "friends", i.e. Miss Expat and Miss SICMFCR* hatched a rather vicious plan to see just how appreciative I could be. The weekend following my birthday a few years ago, Miss Expat rejoined us for a night out. As the three of us walked down to the pub, Expat gave me a gift wrapped up. It was, by all accounts, the most hideous item I'd ever seen; a windchime with a flat glass top, decorated with flowers and an awful poem about special friends or some shit (like this, but worse). But I'm British, and it was a gift, so I did the 'done thing'. "Ummm, thanks, it's great." As you do. Then she stuck the knife in. "Isn't it lovely? It's hand painted. My grandma used to make them, right before she died".

So I followed suit "Oh right, god, yeah it's beautiful. Really thoughtful Expat...thanks. Hand" gush gush gush wonderful present etc

At this point Expat and SICMFCR start pissing themselves something chronic. What? What's funny? "You, you bloody idiot. Her grandma didn't make that...we picked it up from the pound shop about half an hour ago. Just wanted to see what you'd do"

The little shits. Needless to say it scheduled the end of normal present giving between our group of friends. My 21st saw gifts of a penis toothbrush and matching glow in the dark penis earrings, given to me, of course, in front of my parents. This is why my friends are the exception to the present rule. From them, I look forward to just receiving a card these days.

*Miss Sorry I Can't My Family's Coming Round


the boy who likes to... said...

I think someone done something similar to Elton John. He was spotted at his gig at the O2 last week with penis earrings.

China Blue said...

The birthday card that took pride of place on my living room table - bear in mind, I live with my parents - was the one from a best mate saying 'Happy Birthday, you dirty little slag'.

Euroboy is rubbish at surprises: he tells me what it is, then makes me wait for it when I go and see him.

Jo said...

the boy - they're probably mine...I conviniently "lost" them about 5 minutes after they were given to me.

china blue - hahhaha, wicked. I cringe when my parents see cards my friends have sent me. So many in jokes, so little time!

Drama Queen said...

Oh new header, you must have called in some top of the range graphic designer for that. Its great!

London-Lass said...

You're right .. it doesnt matter what the giftette is, if it comes unexpectedly (like a really good fart) that is what makes it worthwhile.

Jo said...

DQ - you can't put a price on that kind of design skills.

ll - bahahahaha. that made me laugh :D


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