Friday, 14 September 2007

Friday at last!

Yesterday I shopped with Alice in Oxford Street. As we stopped for a Pret and went to the Golden Square to consume in the sunshine, we walked past this shop that sells Bape clothing. I'm not sure whether you've heard about this brand, evidently it's so cool and ultra exclusive that only Pharell Williams, select Lan-dan Bad Boyssszzzzz and well, the Japanese can afford the real stuff. Anyway I used to go on this online fashion forum quite a bit and people on there used to follow this brand with hawk precision, so it was amusing to pass this unmarked shop for the first time, hidden away in the depths of Soho and see a queue of people outside (only two school children allowed in at a time, you see). It's the sort of place that you're only allowed to buy one piece of any one product, in your size (no buying for grandma) and well, I just like the fact that these hugely exclusive, expensive and clearly exciting trainers look....well, like this:

Mmmm. Patent, shiny goodness. At least you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be one of a very small amount of people wearing them for whatever reason that may be, exclusivity or the fact that they're utterly rank. Hmmm.

Anywho, so it was a successful shopping trip. Needless to say I didn't join the Bape queue. Tonight I get whisked off to Mystery Place for a weekend with the boyfriend (my birthday present) so I shall return on Monday.

Enjoy the weekend chaps and chapettes.


Beverley said...

But did you buy them or not? Are those your's in the picture? I presume they must be as you must have them to take the pic LOL

I used to live on King Street, Cottingham for five years and used dog walk round King George V playing fields and then round the Lawns. I know people who live in Badger's Wood. We may well have passed each other. It's a small world! I did a degree at Humberside University (mature, part time) but used to use Hull University library. Did you frequent 'The Haworths'? What about 'The Tiger' or 'The Cross Keys', or 'The Duke of Cumberland'?

Jo said... they're definitely not my trainers Beverley, I'm taking the piss! I just passed the queue and got the pics off the internet :) They're horrible!!

I was verrrry frequently at the Haworth, but none of the others.

Stiletto said...

damn, those were some ugly things...
oo, a surprise weekend? have a great time and feel free to share all the details about it when you return =)

China Blue said...

I used to work in a few places round Golden Square way, being in meedja and all. Bathing Ape is full of fucking tossers, each with more money and less sense than the last. Ever seen Nathan Barley and know what a Shoreditch Twat is? That's one of their natural habitats. See also: Mac Store, American Apparel (as much as I like it) and the Old Street area.

Those trainers ming to the highest mong.

Clarissa said...

Admit it: your going away for the weekend in those very trainers!

Harriet said...

Oh god! I know waaaay too much about Bape clothing, a friend of mine is so in love with everything they make and saves up all her wages to buy bits and bobs. Knowing her she would love those shoes. I love her anyway despite her silly fashion sense.
It's horrifying really, I think the only reason ANYONE likes it is because of the exclusivity. Thank GOD you agree with me - and think it all looks terrible - I was starting the think the whole world had gone Nu-Rave mad...

xxx xxx
(And Chine Blue you are totally right, it's a Shoreditch scene thing)

londongirl said...


Steph said...

They look like the shoes Ronald McDonald wears.


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