Friday, 28 September 2007

Audio Visual Delights

I was deprived of watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl on ITV2 last night. TWICE. I've wanted to see it all week (such are my priorities these days), but as we all know, there's a time and a place for programmes that centre around (kinky) sex (involving saddles and lube). The time is when parents are not in the room and the place is downstairs, as I don't have digital TV in my room. Mother is away, dad had gone out. Fantastic. Five minutes in, and dad returns home. Seeing as Billie Piper was currently sitting legs akimbo, bopping up and down on top of an ugly, bearded man, I decided that it probably wasn't appropriate daughter / father viewing and switched the channel. However, when it came to other option, it appears that last night was Transexual Night, with Channel 4 and BBC3 both showing simultaneous accounts of what it's like to gain or lose a willy and / or breasts. I decided that with News Night and Question Time being the only other options, I'd chosen the lesser of 4 evils by opting for Danny-Who-Was-Katie-But-Is-Now-A-Boy-Getting-His-I-Mean-Her-Boobs-Cut-Off-(And-Nipples-Shaved).

It's ok, because I knew that dad would probably go to bed in the absense of anything good to watch, and in an hour Secret Diary of a Call Girl would be back on ITV2+1 (They would call it ITV3 but I believe there already is one of those). The long and the short of it is that no, dad didn't go to bed and when he did, it was just in time to catch Billie putting her saddle away and making way for the closing credits. Therefore I was deprived of my viewing. And so instead, I had to suffer through Danny -Who-Was-Katie going through not one, not two, but three trips to surgery and after all that he wasn't even happy anyway.

On an equaly disappointing note, I've just received my first rejection email. This large international broadcasting company (not the British one you're thinking of) can't take me on an unpaid placement because I'm no longer a student, and the people he suggests I contact for freelance / paid jobs will be looking for an 'impressive portfolio' of journalistic work....which, he says, my CV lacks compared to others. Suddenly not being able to watch what I want on TV is marginalised by the old catch 22 situation every job hunter will be familiar with. Thats right "How can I get work experience if I can't get the right job to give me experience!".

Arrrghhhhh, I feel deflated. This is going to take ages, isn't it.


James said...

Firstly you really should splash out on £30 and get yourself a digi receiver for your bedroom telly and secondly I really don't believe you missed anything with the Secrets of a Call Girl thing.

As much as watching Miss Piper walking around in her undies wasn't the worse television experience I've ever encountered, in my opinion the program was terrible. I imagine the viewing figures would of been quite high last night for obvious reasons, but I expect them to drop like a stone now.

Oh yeh, come to think of it, I saw an advert on tele about showing repeats of stuff. Go here to watch a full re-run of last nights episode.

sungirltan said...

yeh i missed it too - dammit

London-Lass said...

Sorry to hear about the rejection e-mail .. but a bit of helpful guidance never did anyone any harm (even if the guidance given was a bit blunt). I remember the other Catch 22 situ of being told I was `over qualified' for some of the positions I applied for. I mean - what the ruddy heck is that about? Dont worry, Jo, good things always come to those who wait. And patience is a virtue. Etc., etc.

AFC 30K said...

I would have to say, yes it does take a while but there alot of jobs out there for people with half a brain.

Don't jump for the first job you're offered just because it's a job (Although very tempting if you're skint) choose the job that is right for you as you'll spend a lot of time doing it.

Of course, there is the option of a PhD........3 more years at uni!

the boy who likes to... said...

I'm with James, fork out on a freeview box. I know that you are unemployed so cash flow might not wok in your favour, but ask around for a (very) early Christmas present. But even a quick check online - via froogle - shows that you can get a digi box for as low as £10 from Richersounds, which is a good as you know you wont get riped off by them.

I hated that catch-22 situation when I was younger. Were I grew up the only work I could get was working in factories doing manual labour. I wanted to do something office-y but "had no experience." And no one was giving me the experience. Then I got lucky through a friend of a friend who was a recruitment consultant who got me my foot in.
My point being, your chance keep on trying and your chance will come.

As for Secret Diary, Ive got a thing for Ms Piper, so I dont think the missus would let me watch it.

Jo said...

James - Ta for the linkage, I have checked out the missed episode and although I plan to see the next's not exactly riveting is it? I couldn't really tell what was going on for half of it. I don't think it works when it's only on for half an hour and 5 minutes of that is adverts.

sungirltan - Hallo, click on the link in James' post to watch it.

londonlass - That's the thing, I was so prepared for lots of doors slamming in my face because there are so many graduates and it's so competitive...but when it happens its quite disheartening. I'd feel overqualified if I was just filing paper, but at the moment that looks to be the only option available.

AFC - definite NO to the phd! I've had my fill of education. The PHD students in my department all looked about twice their age as well. Scary stuff.

The boy - As they say, it's not what you know but who! I'm continuing to fire off emails in the hope of someone taking me on. I don't even want paid work for gawds sake!

Oh and if anyone's interested, remember when I whinged about the english department making me pay to get my essays sent? They're arriving tomorrow. It turns out the secretaries are only too happy to pop essays in the post when the lecturers ask them to! Funny that.

Hannah said...

There's an ITV2+1? I blew off the Billie thing for Studio 60, and didn't realise that it was repeated. Buggeration. Which there probably was.

And bad luck on the job front. A loads of my friends are facing exactly the same situation. Although, I don't know that that's much comfort...

Nocturnal said...

Don't be too discouraged, your GBP kicks our USD ass so even if your making peanuts, you're well ahead.


Princess Extraordinaire said...

It's so awkward watching those kinds of programs with your parents...father's especialy...I am sorry about your refection letter...keep on trying and something will happen..

Phil said...

Why has no one mentioned the cutting off of willies/forming willies out of fore arms thing? What is going on with telly, was last week national change your gender week and no one told me. I mean I like to dress up as a girl as much as the next man, but if it's all going to lead to a trip to Thailand . . . I actually saw both docos and plenty of gory surgery stuff and it was the discarded bloody shaft from the boy2girl op that will stay with me, thank you telly for another wonderful mind gift.

mjohnson said...

It was me what said that above comment about willies. This entire 2 identities thing is rather confusing, allows me to emphasise with the transgender a little though.

Ella Rice said...

I thought i'd missed the Billie thing until I saw the link posted by James (thank you). Just watched it and, well, i didn't think it was that bad! It's hardly goin to get an emmy but it's not thaaaat bad... but then again i do watch hollyoaks

Marika said...

What the...? Has Billie Piper become a call girl?

Oh well, suppose it had to happen eventually...

Steph said...

Don't you just hate watching telly with the olds? I can't stand it if someone even kisses, I just become twelve years old again and want to climb under my bed and hide!

Lapa said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jo said...

Hannah - Ohh it's ok, I'm well aware that I'm one of thousands all queueing up for a beating in the job market. It's just a right pain in the arse.

Nocturnal - If the exchange rate's that good, maybe I should pack in the work and just go for a holiday instead :D

Princess - I will persevere. I'm annoying like that.

phil - I know, is it really necessary to have two lots of sex change programmes on at the same time? It just seems a bit voyeuristic doesn't it.

ella - it's ok, I like watching crap it's almost as enjoyable as good stuff (bar Hollyoaks).

marika - A call girl of sorts...high class whore, sort of ish. Based on the blog based on the book...or something.

Steph - yes yes yes. The other week my mum put on this programme about teenagers having sex...I was just waiting for a questioning to begin (even though I'm 23).

And the comment deleted was someone trying to use my blog as an advertisement...Send me a freebie, then we'll talk.


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