Monday, 10 September 2007

All things hairy

Hurrah for Paris Hilton irritating you more than Keira Knightley's eyebrows, Joss Stone and her annoying bare feet and Her-what-married-Preston-off-Celebrity-Big-Brother. Hilton clinches it with a whopping 52% of the vote. The above is a photo of Paris Hilton with Keira Knightley's eyebrows (no MS Paint).
Thank you to the person who e-mailed me to tell me that they are subscribing to this blog "on the strength of the new header title picture alone" as well. You too can send your praise for my MS Paint skills to
That is all.


pink jellybaby said...

hehehehe i LOVE this pic - she looks like a pirate!

Jo said...

I know! And all I had to add was the green bogey. Promise.

Phil Knight said...

And true to my word I have read everything you have published so far. I was discussing with a friend Knightly’s eyebrows the other day and she wasn't convinced and when we looked at a few DVD covers my argument fell to pieces. Do you have any really good examples of abundant growth?

London-Lass said...

So that's what Ms Hilton would look like with a beard and armpit hair - some sort of Noel Edmonds heroin hybrid.

Jo said...

phil knight - google her and look at them, they're big and chunky and a different colour from the rest of her hair (when she was blonde, anyway)

A clear flaw :D

london lass - that's what I was going for, yes!


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