Sunday, 1 July 2007

So give me coffee and TV

Having discovered quite by accident that it was infact the weekend (the days of my week aren't really named at the moment - it's just morning and night), I shocked my system and accompanied Est, Meatball (I just thought that up, it's not his h'actual name) and Ethical Eurika (same goes for her) for "a few drinks" in the pub last night. Even more shockingly it actually stopped raining long enough for us to grab a table outside for a couple of hours, before we were forced inside by a torrential downpour and into the realms of a Hull pub on a Saturday night...i.e. legging and smock-clad middle aged women, obese twenty-somethings and a selection of music straight out of Disco Dave's Hits Your Dad Would Love pumping out at that volume where any conversation is sidelined in favour of 'AH???' 'YEAH..... DRINK?' 'UH???'

After consuming a glass of wine, 4 G&T's and a 'last fag inside EVARR' for the smokers, we tottered out and decided that really it'd be rude not to stop by Sainsburys on the way home and pool a few quid each and grab some drinkies (2 huge bottles of strong dry cider for a fiver), a pot noodle (for me) and some general munch and return to Ests house for a bit.

Drinking ensued. Time passed. Ethical Eurika went home. Est went to bed extremely worse for wear. The Meatball and I were finishing our drinks and pouring some more when he spotted a stripey hoody I'd left at Ests a few months ago, forgotten about and had just been returned to me. 'Ey.' said he 'I like that. I tried it on the other day when I was round. I'll give ya a tenner for it'. Now I'm a small person, and I'm a small person who wears small clothes. 'You what? That won't fit you. It's a size 8. It'll be tiny'. He assured me he liked his clothes tight and put the jacket on.

'Perfect!' I did check if he wanted to sober up and then get back to me tomorrow before he parts with his cash...but no no, I was assured that he definitely wanted it. So I actually made money last night, £8 to be exact. Then I went to the kitchen and realised that it was actually half 5 and took myself upstairs to a bed and sent the boyfriend a token of love - a.k.a a phone call to mark the end of my night. Bahaha. He loved it. He loves it when I ring him absolutely smashed at half 5, wake him up, tell him something mundane and then he asks me the time and hangs up when I tell him. That's love right there.

Woke up at 12pm, stayed in bed til 3...weekend? Done.

Haha. You were waiting for something exciting to happen weren't you. Bahahaha. Nope. That's it.


Miss Understood said...

If I attempted to drink wine, gin and cider in one siting, I wouldn't even see 5.30 tea-time!

James said...

I'm with you Miss understood

the boy who likes to... said...

I havent had a pot noodle in such a long time.
They must of made some great advances with them since chicken and mushroom.

Drama Queen said...

Yeah. Love staying in bed all day. . .especially if its without hangover.

Jo said...

miss understood - AH! I have mixing drinks down to an art. It's a learned behaviour after 4 years at uni

James - ahhh you wimp!

the boy - Eurgh, I haven't had one in ages either. I just quite fancied one, thank god it doesn't happen very often.

dq - I love staying in bed but not when its a case of 'if i get up my head will fall off' thing

Bec said...

A night out... God, I need one of those!

London-Lass said...

Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodle after a heavy night on the sauce is a definite winner.

Jo said...

bec - my thoughts exactly on saturday afternoon.

london lass - There's something deliciously disgusting about them, much like most food bought and consumed at 12am.


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