Monday, 23 July 2007


The thoroughly unimpressed dog on the left is Ellie. The content, snoring, 7 and a half week old Labrador puppy on the left sharing her bed is Charlie. He arrived today, having spent the drive down from Suffolk snoozing on my equally sleepy boyfriend, who, in between bouts of Harry Potter and handing me Maltesers, managed about 3 words of conversation the whole way down. Men are like dogs in many ways, fact.

Anyway, don't fret - I'm not about to become one of those insufferable bores who cover the pages of their blogs with endless quirky 'things my dog/cat did today' photo posts and carry pictures of their dogs around in their handbag to show everyone and anyone who happens to stop and chat (which I have noticed my mother is fast becoming), however I felt it was only right to post the above picture so that you can attach a face to the name. Especially since I predict that cute, lovable, furry Charlie with the needle sharp teeth and a taste for leather will soon be featuring rather a lot in my posts; under the labels 'annoying me', 'eurgh that mings' and no doubt 'that shitting puppy just ate my new shoes'.

Although my area of London remains largely unflooded, I feel quite an affinity with Gloucestershire at the moment; while they are flopping about in water that has fallen from the sky, I shall also be mopping up the endless stream of puppy-piss that has already dribbled over the living room carpet once or twice this evening. However, I'm not allowed to moan about it as the puppy was largely my idea and anyway, seeing as I can do no right in the eyes of my mother at the moment, it's best to keep schtum. My dad has this particular tactic down to an art.

And so I return to life en Londres, officially without a student house to retreat to when the parents get right on my nerves...great...and I will be getting stuck into my dissertation which has been sidelined recently due to the onset of a particularly nasty illness called W.A.S (Work Avoidance Syndrome), which has made me tired, hungry, restless and manifested itself in a need to shop, as well as the odd cold sweat when I looked at a pen or academic book.

So I'm knackered, and oh and thank god for that - Miss SICMFCR (Sorry I Can't My Family's Coming Round) isn't puppy visiting tonight as she's tired after work. Phew. You can always count on an unreliable friend being unreliable.
Nighty night.


the boy who likes to... said...

What a nice puppy. (I cant stay around too long as I am allergic to animals, especially dogs)

On my travels to Scotland a few weeks back I decided to call shotgun. I completely forgot - as I was too taken up by the offfer of leg room - that for the next 10 hours I would have to stay awake and focus all my energy and attention on keeping which ever driver we had awake.
That was a hard drive.

London-Lass said...

Oo I love puppies. Big eyes. Big paws. And when they're sound asleep after wearing themselves out (and their owners) they are just soo cute you just wanna eat them all up. I (just) managed to talk the Chipster out of getting a dog at the w/end. He's in love with the idea of having a Jack Russell of his very own. I reminded him about the responsibility and expense of looking after one. I could see this wasnt sinking in so I also insisted the dog must be called `Frank'. Fortunately this prompted him to quickly change his mind. Phew.

pink jellybaby said...

oh! The Boy was telling me about this picture and saying i should ocme and see it!! you're SO lucky... i can't have puppies becasue of his allergicness :(


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