Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Increase blog traffic!

You know what's mental, there's me sitting here thinking blimey, this is alright...look at all the visits my blog's getting every day! Then I go onto the stats and find it's all because I have this picture titled 'elephant sex' in an old post...and it's funny for a bit because all these nutters searching for elephant sex and dog sex and every kind of animal getting their end away under the sun...but after a while I think I'd actually like to give the other posts a chance. So I delete the offending picture and voila, the genuine searches begin to unearth the intellectual wonder mused and ranted upon in this blog...for example searches like "fat people", "Burn leggings", "paris hilton dickhead" and "close mouth when eating you dirty scoundrels".

Good, yeah?


Because now the reality has hit me. The visitors have dropped from literally hundreds a day to a pitiful 50 on a good day and left me feeling rather bemused. It's not that I particularly want hundreds of bestiality-seeking mingers gaining access to my palace of thought...but now that they're not here, I kind of miss their presence. At least when I looked at my hit counter I could kid myself into thinking that I was reaching out to the world, now I think I'd be better off to go and stand at the top of the high street and just scream a list of things I dislike about the world to all those passing by. Or maybe rent a box in speaker's corner for an afternoon, after all, the extremists must be doing something right to draw such a crowd on a Sunday. Better than a blog, anyway. And all that fresh air. Hmmm.

Anyway, my boyfriend saved me this article from The Times ("Blogging for Dosh" by Holly Yeager, Weds 11th July 2007) about blogging, it offers an insight into how you can make money through your blog, why people do it, 'ten ways to get rich blogging' and documenting the success stories: the Julie Powell's, Girl with a One Track Mind's and Perez Hilton's of the Blog World, who have all got book deals or are just generally raking in the cash.

Another bit of the article was about google Ad Words, and it offered a startling statistic that shows just how those who use the system to gain a bit of extra cash are well, mostly wasting their time...the guy who wrote the side article entitled 'My pleasure comes from messages, not money' writes:
I get paid everytime someone clicks on an ad. The more readers you have, the
more clicks you get, the more money you make. You don't actually get paid until
you've earned $100. In 2006, this meant Google was sitting on $370 million of
unpaid earnings.

It just made me think bloody hell...the amount of blogs I go on, littered with ads...would they work for their boss for free?

It's not like I blog for money, but then ultimately I think why do I blog? Yeah it's a good way to relieve a bit of stress, find like minded whingers etc...but isn't everyone deep down, unless you're writing a blog that's got all comments turned off and is purely cathartic, just waiting for the day when what they've got to say is reaching out to thousands or millions a day? I know I am. The more people who realise that yapping your chewing gum or picking at your feet is wrong, the better. Most bloggers are hopeful entrepaneaurs, budding writers of fiction or journalist wannabe's. I fall into the latter section. But with 57 million blogs already around, with a further 100,000 popping up daily...isn't it about time the next big thing cropped up?

I suppose sometimes I just want to get that amazing idea that will send me into fairly anonymous stardom and put forward lots of openings for newspapers and magazine articles...get my voice heard, or my words, whatever...after all - what are all those folks slogging away for hours a day on Big Blogger doing it for, if not for a bit of noteriety, albeit just online?

So when my visitors count went down the other day, so did my expectations I suppose. I'm just a little blog in a massive, huge, computer screen filled pond. Who all clearly love elephant sex more than hearing how much I hate people who sniff, burp and chew loudly.

Ah well.


James said...

Hey it's the quality of readers that counts not quantity.

I sympathise with what you say and I think most bloggers feel the same way. For me it's about the interaction, reading people's post, asking questions, getting replies, arguing, discussing that sort of thing.

the boy who likes to... said...

If youd like I could keep coming back to your page a few hundred times a day to keep up those numbers?

I never watch the stats. On Wordpress the one good thing it has is it can tell you where people have come from, ie where the link was they clicked to get to your blog. This helps as you can find out if there are people who are reading your blog and not commenting, then you can go and read and comment on that persons blog.

PS I would like to go in to my bedroom later, if you would like you could open the door to there? I could humsome sort of tune. Just to show you what fame could be like.

Miss Understood said...

I wrote an entry called Pussies, and another called Tits - all about cats and birds. My stat counter went through the roof!

I was approached by a company last year who wanted to advertise on my blog. I grabbed the cash, and their ad stayed on my site for 6 months. When it was up they made me the same offer for another 6 months but I turned it down. Somehow, it didn't seem right to me. It didn't feel like 'my space' anymore.

I really enjoy getting lots of commenters on my site and making new friends. I don't care about how many lurkers I have - they have never been important to me. But in order to get more commenters, I know I need more readers, so they do kind of go hand in hand.

London-Lass said...

Elephant sex? Nowt so queer and all that ... I get a lot of visitors to my site courtesy of the phrase `drag queen' (and variants of that) after posting a pic of Dick Emery (all dragged up) ages ago. I have, in the past (although I'm sure this infringes some copyright law somewhere), included a snippet from a famous poem or a song in a post ... and this can suck in a goodly amount of visitors too. But really the only visitors I pay much attention to are those that just visit my site (i.e. they already know my site address) and are obviously re-visiting purely cos they enjoy my posts (not that I have much to say these days) -- you know what they say, it's quality not quantity.

Around My Kitchen Table said...

Well, you've added one more reader! I happened across your blog by accident while idly surfing the BritBlogs. It's great so I'll be back.

Around My Kitchen Table said...

I've just read Miss Understood's comment - she's got a great blog too. I responded to her piece about pussies and tits here if you're interested.

Hello from Julia said...

Hi, thanks for your comment. I looove your English writing style! I know exactly what you mean. I'm learning a lot about this here blogosphere... A lot of people have found me by searching criteria like 'sexy lady julia massage dubai' and 'panties'. Oh YAY.


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