Wednesday, 4 July 2007



I'm beginning to piss myself off, I didn't think that would be possible but believe me - it is. I am in a irretrievably fucking shit mood.

Why can't everyone else be just as sensitive to external noises and annoyances like I am? Then everyone would be super considerate because no one would want to get pissed off.

As you may or may not know, I'm in the middle of writing a dissertation (I say the middle, more like a tenth) which is going fine WHEN I can get down to work on it. Here's the thing. Because of the floods, the tower block bit of the library where all the books are has no electricity so it's shut. This means that everyone congregates around the front part where the only computers and work spaces are instead of spreading out over the floors. Now clearly if you're in the the middle of "summer"...surrounded by follows that you are probably trying to work on a masters, Phd or something, you're not there for shits and giggles. That person has come to the library because they want a place they can concentrate, a bit of peace and quiet in an environment they can get down to work in.

Now, I've tried working at home, I really have, but there are three main hinderances to my progress when I try and settle down to write

  1. The TV
  2. The fridge

  3. The insane amount of door to door sales people who turn up on a daily basis (not that I get up to answer the door, I just freeze where I am and stand really still until they go away)

Imagine my frustration when I go to the library, firstly find it part closed and then go up to the open bit where it's not actually too busy, find myself a seat at the table and spread my work out. There's a slight murmur but other than that it's quiet. Then someone on a computer to my right has their phone on, and it starts ringing....what does he do? He picks up. He talks in foreign (sorry, no racist, but it's always the fucking foreigners) for about 5 mins even going to the extent of taking the phone away from his ear so he can speak directly into the mic. I'm like oh for fucks sake - the door is right there! Eventually he hangs up. Jo thinks

" could leave the room next time."....aloud.
He turns round. "Huh?"
"I said: Orrrrr, you could leave the room next time, instead of talking on your phone in here"
"Ah, I'm sorry"

After a few more minutes, I get up to blow my schnozzer and when I sit back down the woman (another foreigner) whose sitting opposite me at the table - who evidently heard the exchange that took place no less than 2 minutes ago - is on her phone (and yes she understands English, she's talking in it). After a minute I look up at her, catch her eye and raise my eyebrows. She gets up and leaves the room, about 2 minutes before I think 'bollocks to this' and leave myself.

It's SO annoying. Why can't people switch off / put their phones on silent for the smallest amount of time? Why do people not realise that talking on the phone in an otherwise silent room is inconsiderate? Why the fuck would I go somewhere quiet if I wanted to listen to people chatting?

In addition, I made the mistake of looking forward to going to home to London this weekend to see the boyfriend whose on work experience there for 2 weeks. Finally, I thought, I have reason to escape for a weekend. Then for various reasons it turns out I'd only be seeing him from Saturday evening til I drove back to Hull on Sunday, which defeats the whole object of going home to spend the weekend with him. I feel so shit that I have yet another week until I see him, another week of the same old shitty boredom. I'm in a hugely shitty mood and everything and anything is irritating the hell out of me.

In short - I'm fucking sick of living on my own it's shit.



Miss Understood said...

(talking to you very quietly from a distance...)

If that happened in our library they'd get thrown out straight away. In fact, they'd have probably thrown you out for blowing your nose!

Yep...lving alone can be really shit sometimes, but it does have its benefits. I'll come back and list them when I can think of what they are.

Marika said...

Do you really say 'Orrrrrr'? That's so...quaint :)

It's been a while since I was at uni, but our library was a mobile-free zone.

the boy who likes to... said...

I don't know what I am more surprised about? that you told the guy to leave, or that you raised your eyebrows?

PS If your in London for Saturday I highly recommend Shake Rattle and Bowl. They have bowling, karaoke a cinema and some old school mowtown tunes (there is a 1950's feel to this place)

James said...

But apart from that everything is fine, right...

Libraries should be a mobile phone free, no debate.

Jo said...

miss understood - Living alone is good sometimes no doubt, I can watch whatever I want and dcnt have to make conversation when I don't feel like it...but apart from that, and being able to walk around nekkid, it's pretty boring.

marika - yep, I was kinda thinking aloud by accident and it just came out.... whoops. And our library's got signs up everywhere saying NO MOBILES £5 if anyone notices.

the boy - I don't just speak my mind on here, you know ;)
and definitely won't be in london, hense the huge strop!

james - they should be...but students will not be parted from the little buggers, it seems.

London-Lass said...

I feel your pain. Last night whilst out at the cinema someone took it upon themselves to text continuously from about 20 mins in to the end of the film. Granted, the person was sitting at the end of my row (so shouldnt have been that big a deal), but due to the continual texting the phone was constantly alight, burning a little square lit up box in to the corner of my retina. (Well perhaps not actually burning but it blimmin' felt like it). And, to top it all, when the lights came back up, I discovered that the texting girlie was sitting all cosied up with a guy. So she'd been on a date to see a film. And had been texting all the effin' way through it. Raaar! PS - Sorry to hear about your boyfriend-less weekend :(

Venting said...

If that happens here your phone gets taken away - to be given back to you upon your leaving of the library.

Anal - but wonderful at the same time.

Jo said...

london-lass - OH MY GOD I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT. mental does my head in. I always hear the clicking no matter how far away it is.

venting - we're supposed to get a five pound fine if we have a mobli on...i guess the library doesn't need any money at the mo or something


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