Friday, 15 June 2007

A weekend plus rain and minus a channel

Cheers for the response from my last's good to know people are on my side on this one. Being called 'racist' is one of those things that can really piss you off and make you wonder about yourself, you wonder if it's me or the world that's gone mad. You've all confirmed my thoughts, the problem wasn't with me this that's cool.

Saying that, I think I was punished by channel 4 after my race rant from the other day. The rain's been absolutely hammering down for the last 2 days and as a result everythings flooded and gone mental as it does in England whenever there's a slight extreme in weather. As a side note, how is it that only a Brit would have a 'weather' label for their posts? Pah. I digress. Anyway so I swear I heard a clap of thunder or lightening as I sat on the dog n bone to my mum for the weekly chat, long awaited pasta bake swiftly cooling in front of me...(but at least she rang before Eastenders which is always a plus...) ummm and then I checked the radio times schedule and thought 'Niiiice...Eastenders...then switch to C4 Big Brother...bit of Britain's Got Talent on ITV...Friday Night Project...back to Big Bro...blah blah' night in - sorted.

Switched over to Channel 4 at the specified hour, nothing but fuzzy screen. Not a dickybird. Dragged my tv out of the wardrobe upstairs and tried standing on my bed, aerial in hand, waving it about like a monkey at a joy. (This is an interesting post, isn't it?) So the long and the short of it is that I gave up, had a bath and watched something else all night.What an absolutely pointless story. And the signal came back the next day. Mystery eh?

Anyway since discovering more Sex and the City episodes than you can shake a stick at online (no pricey box sets for this big spender, ho ho ho) I have been mostly catching up on the antics of Carrie & co because I missed out the first time round and I'm really like WOO this is great. Only there's no hoards of fans going mental for it any more because it's old hat now and I'm about 6 years too late. But for anyone who remembers, isn't Carrie a bell end? Who invites their ex who they cheated on with, to their boyfriend's log cabin? I'll stop now, coz I hate it when people talk about TV programmes in their blogs. (told you I was a hypocrite).

The big hangover from last week has hit and I've got a cold (ahhhh) and a snotty nose (ahhhh) and am sniffing like mad (hypocrite, again) and have to stay in and recuperate. Damn. In other, sad news, my mum informed me that they've made the decision to put one of our Labradors down on Monday. He's not been good for a while so it's that time and all that...and I know whenever someone tells me their dog's died it never means as much and you kind of go 'awwwww' but then think 'ok love, it's a dog'. But I'm sad. Argh. Poor William dog.

So on that note it's time for breakfast. Have a good Sunday everyone.


Hannah said...

She's a bit of an eejit. And Aidan is WAY too good for her.

Miss Understood said...

Sorry to hear about your dog. May he forever chase rabbits in doggy heaven. x

London-Lass said...

I'm actually re-living that show right now too! My dad recently discovered how, erm, `sexual' the programmes can be .. and has suddenly become a fan. Strange that. And with Father's Day only recently I procured a (actually not too pricey due to being in a sale) box set of the WHOLE series for me dad. But *somehow* the box set has ended up round my place. Strange that. PS : I never liked Carrie either -- just a bit too smug for her own good.

Jo said...

hannah - I agree. She's such a head fuck.

miss understood - he's gone for his big sleep.

londonlass - your dad watches it! thats mad. it's such easy viewing though, it seems that every episode applies to every woman in the world in some way.everytime i watch it though carrie annoys me. she put her engagement ring on as a necklace in the last one! how offensive!


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