Monday, 11 June 2007

Strange foreign objects (no racist)

Stumbled upon these little gems whilst mincing around Eastern Europe last summer. Behold the wonderous things:

Worlds Best Comb Over:

Sometimes I get my left and right confused. This sign was never going to help*

*text on arrow reads 'to the right'

"Ooh, pop this back to the car will you love, it's no guns allowed in here."

Slovakian Tescos have replaced leading brand Andrex with a more aptly named brand of toilet roll:

Gotta love those weirdo foreigners.



the boy who likes to... said...

Ahhh the times Ive mentioned that something is Fanny Soft......
What exactly is fanny soft? And I dont mean what is as soft as, but what is the product?

How many people do you think have got stuck confused in front of that arrow. I would probably be one of them.

I also like the little no skating figure sign. Nice blades.

Jo said...

the product is toilet roll. one of those things that you see and go to your mate 'oi...look at says fanny...hahahahahaha'

londongirl said...

Brilliant. Fanny soft.

And particularly liked the comb-over. That's rare that is.

Nobody Girl said...

I think the no skating sign is my favourite, nice retro roller-skates :D

London-Lass said...

Oo dear .. I didnt know that THAT was supposed to be a `no skating' sign. I must be a bit dim these days ...

Miss Understood said...

Great pctures!

I've just finished wiping my tears after readng your hangover entries. Hilarious!
I do hope you're feeling better now!

By the way (and I should have done this a while ago) I'm linking you.

Jo said...

londongirl- you should have seen the effort me and the bf went to to get that wasn't easy you know. had to get some height on it.

nobody girl - haha, yeah...proper old skool skatage...well, it was slovakia.

london lass - you would clearly have just rolled on in on your skates, wouldn't you? rule breaker! no skates allowed! no guns in tesco!

miss understood - feeling err, a little bit better, minus yesterday's chuckage...and thanks for the linkage, much appreciated!


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