Thursday, 21 June 2007

Oops, forgot the title

It looks like any plans to jet off to Palma with friend Est for a quick weekend away have dwindled into dog balls...bloody airlines, why can't they just keep prices the same? Checked it one day and we can get there for about £60 return, then by the time we get round to booking the flights have gone up to about £117 which is a little more than I want to pay for 3 days in the sun.

I'm not overly bothered though, I just hate sending that 'Sorry we're not coming any more' message to our mate from uni who was going to put us up over makes me sound like one of those people I thoroughly dislike and avoid. You know, the non committal 'I'll do it! No I won't! Sure, sure, I'll call you! We must go out!' type of person. So I'm doing the honest thing - blaming our no show on a fictional family crisis. Dum de dah.

Today was mostly spent in the library researching for my dissertation. Read this utterly ridiculous essay by some toe-jam who was insisting that Independence Day (german director) is about the Jews defeating the Nazi aliens, a kind of atonement for the Holocaust, if you will. Yes, I'm sure that's exactly what the director of this billion dollar Hollywood blockbuster had in mind.

As a side note I just watched the funniest thing on Big Brother. This will mean nothing to anyone who doesn't watch it, but try to picture the most arrogant, big headed girl you've ever seen (Charlie), put her in Gucci boots, an extremely revealing top (which she changed into in order that her fellow housemate didn't out-do her) - then everyone laughing at the change of clothes, culminating in her getting pushed into the swimming pool. The perfect example of someone getting cut down to size. This girl embodies the attitude ridden crowd who go to some of the London club nights I used to go to. Ha fucking ha, sweetheart.

I'll try and fire out another informative, referential, high cultured post before I leave to SEEEE THE BOOOYYFRRRIEEEENNNDDD WAAAOOOOOPPPP WOOOOOPP but if not have a good weekend folks. Adios.


Miss Understood said...

Did you hear the comment made afterwards? Something about her getting shedloads of Gucci freebies when she gets out.
Maks me sick!

the boy who likes to... said...

I stay away from those London clubs. I'd hate to bump in to Charley on a night out. I'd probably cry or something.

I booked a holiday last year to Vienna. I kept putting it off - only becuase I needed to save up - and watch the price drop and drop and drop. Right up until I wanted to pat and it jumped up quite a bit.
It wasn't too much, and it was still less then when I very first saw the price so we went. But it was annoying the timing. Damn

Hope you find a good plan B for some holidaying.

Steph said...

The twats in Aussie BB aren't allowed to wear name brands so as not to give anyone free advertising. Bah! Our Housemates aren't allowed to do ANYTHING really. It's dull as a sack of hair.

Jo said...

miss understood - as if gucci are going to want someone like her advertising them...haha she's like the most hated non-celeb in the country at the moment :D

the boy - yeah i stay away from them now...way too much attitude and it ends up taking away from the music coz your worrying about treading on someones toes (literally)

steph - they have to cover up the blatent names on clothes, but i think they're allowed designer stuff thats not err, designer-ed. Our BB is pretty funny this year, pathetic, but funny.

London-Lass said...

Yes holiday prices are annoying. But NOT as annoying as that breathy Expedia jingle - "Let yourself goooo..."

Gah! (Can you tell I havent had a decent holiday in a l-o-n-g time???)

londongirl said...

Ha ha indeed re Charlie. Dreadful girl.

Gutting re flights - but see if you can plan for august and then you'll have some sun to look forward to...


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