Monday, 25 June 2007

Fancy a swim?

Word up. First things first

It just took me 6 hours to get from Suffolk to Hull.

and it took bloody ages partly because I was behind the fattest man I've ever seen driving a smart car in my life...seriously, going about 20mph in a 50 zone like COME ON you fat whale get a move on, I know it's waterlogged around here but jeeeeeesus, this bloke was wallowing for England. Anyway so I get back to not-so-sunny-Hull and found the place under water. It was fun for about 5 minutes before I realised all my routes home were shut off and I had to go a long way home and at about 2mph because there was water everywhere. So yeah, I was a responsible driver and took photos...what else is there to do when you're driving that slowly? Got as near to my road as I could after an age and had to abandon my car in Tesco's car park and take my shoes off and roll my jeans up and wade through all the water to my house. And the living room has all these weird snail trails everywhere but no snails. What's that about?


My weekend was amazing, it was wicked to see the boyfriend, ohhhh we have such a laugh, it's so hard to leave him again! His dog's just had puppies so most of the time was spent cuddling, cooing over, laughing at and gazing longingly at the 9 miniature labradors, check this out:

Altogether now: AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! So of course because of my families latest loss, the parents came up as well and who could resist? So as of July we'll have a new addition to the house in the shape of a puppy dog. Yippeeee!

What else. Oh my mum just annoyed me. You know when parents just suggest things and you're like 'What? Why? How would that work?'. It's like she's obsessed with letting me know that her friends / family are about to help me out. I knnooowww! So with all this flooding she calls and is like 'Oh well you should have gone to P&P's house instead of driving through all that'. Yes, I'm just going to turn up at these peoples house without even attempting to get home first. Or drive back up the road I've just struggled to get down. Good one. Next suggestion 'Well you know if it gets really bad you should just go to R&J's house'. The point is that I can't even drive to my or why would I go to someone elses? How would that ever work? Why would I need to? 'You didn't leave your laptop in the car did you?' What? Mum! Why would I leave my laptop in the car? Seriously. Rest assured folks, the rain has swept a lot of things away but my common sense is intact. Now someone please tell that to my mum.


Bec said...

Oh good lord! For the first time in a long time I am quite glad to live on a hill.

Puppies are so cute!

Miss Understood said...

Um...I only counted eight puppies and
now I'm really worried that one of them is squashed under the three on the right. You couldn't check for me, could you?

If I was choosing a puppy, I'd have the squashed one!

Jo said...

bec - i wish hull was a hill, just checked out the window this morning and i'm still going to have to don the flip flops and wade to the shops. grrr.

miss - haha yeah there probably was one squashed under the others. It's ok, I've realised puppies are quite durable. You should see how many times they do full on head plants when trying to get out of their basket.

annnd anonymous comment deleted - sod awf spammer!

London-Lass said...

Oo I love puppies. So much so I'm rather embarrassing when faced with a cute liddle slow blinkey-eyed yawning chubby specimen ... awww. I once *cried* when a fellow dog walker introduced me to her new 8-week old choc lab puppy who was so `wanna eat him up he's too perfect to be alive, surely?' cute .. and as for mums, mine is run alive with odd comments too. Quite often I'll get "Are you at work?" when I pick up my work phone to her. Well yes. Seeing as I picked up the phone. Or "I have a problem with the computer. The square thing's not happening anymore." and I'll then have to spend the next 20 mins working out what the friggin' ell she means. Bless her.

Drama Queen said...

OH. MY. GOD. Can I have one?

zingtrial said...

Hi liked reading through your blog its a nice blog.Thanks for sharing.Wish you all the best and hope all that water is gone down.Like the Puppies :)

Jo said...

londonlass - when my mum calls me on my mobile she always says 'hello, it's me your mother' yes mum I know your name comes up on the screen. And she still leaves me voicemails that say 'Hello, nothing important, just rang to check in' - MUM - I get a missed call on my screen! It costs me to listen to voicemail! If it's not important, don't leave one!

drama queen - NO. they're mine! all mine! bahahahaha (they're not):D

zingtrial - thank you, and yes, finally the water is showing signs of vacating the streets. hurrah!


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