Monday, 14 May 2007

Wooo, Hooray, Hooorrraay and Hurrah

Wooooo I have got the prettiest ball dress ever (on hold in Leeds) after a successful trip to Karen Millen.

Hooray for summer balls.

Hoorraaayy for buying a dress that you have no matching shoes or bags or accessories for, requiring another shopping trip. (Damn).

(Cue me, hanging out a huge sign above the university that says "Girls: Please Don't Buy This Dress or We Will Be Wearing the Same Thing At The Ball. Thanks x")

Yiippeeeeee for mum paying for above ball dress!

Boohoo for my printer dying at crucial moment this morning (half hour before essay hand in time)

Hurrah for handing in essay #1 (unstapled and 15 minutes late) and not getting shouted at by the nice secretary, who put it down as 11:50 instead of 12:15 thus saving me from mark deduction.

Yiippeeee for John Lewis selling 'Pass the Pigs' (good game).

Bleeeurghhh to driving up the M1 in the rain yesterday, couldn't see a thing.

And errrm....

Woop woop for chocolate. Why not?

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