Tuesday, 8 May 2007



Will the person who is currently using my car for parts without my consent please fucking stop.

First you nab the badge off the front.

Next you nab a badge off the alloys.

Ooh, what's left? Fuck it, lets unscrew the aerial!

Absolute pikeys. What are you doing? Funding your smack habit by selling bits of my car on ebay for £3 a time? Doing the rounds of the streets and making a collection to fuel a bonfire that you sit round every night?

I know! My number plate! You might be able to unscrew that and sell it to someone called Jo! Jeeeeesus! Oh, quick! You forgot the exhaust pipe and sunroof!

I'm fed up of sticking up for this place. YES! The rumours are true! The people of Hull are pikeys. I don't care. Yes it's a crap town, and yes most of the locals would steal their mother's shoes if it meant they'd earn a quid or two. GO ON...PROVE ME OTHERWISE.

AND if you go to the cinema, and don't like the film don't TALK all the way through it because it's just ANNOYING for everyone else whose paid to sit in a massive room with imbeciles who can't obey social rules!

It's just a bad day.

And if you've heard about the murder that happened at the University halls, they've charged someone. Another student... it's just not good at all. :(

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