Wednesday, 2 May 2007

The Good, The Bad, And the Blog-ly.

(see what I did there?)

Ok so I've already warned you all about the dangers of facebook, and the fact that it's actually bloody addictive and should be avoided at all costs if you have anything resembling work...err or a masters degree to be getting on with. "Substitute facebook for blogging" I thought, "that'll work, a quick 10 minute post every day, bit of creative or critical writing to get the mind going then onto the essays..." Sure. Fat lot of good thats been then.

So I write a blog entry, then revise it a bit...check it...publish it...leave it....then look at my work. Then I wonder what other people are up to today so I click on my blog roll links. Click on their blog roll links. Write comments. Click on other peoples blogs who have commented. 'Oooh, email, someone has made a comment on mine'. Back to my blog. Reply to comment. Click on their blog. Read a bit. Write a comment in return. An hour has passed.

My housemate thinks I sit at my laptop doing work, of course I can't tell her about the blog because then the secret will be out, so I'm like 'ummm yeeeep....ooh this essay's a toughy'. I'm beginning to lie. Isn't that the sign of an addiction? The minute I watch something on tv I think 'that's rubbish' I go and write a blog about it. Isn't compulsion a sign too?

And other things in my life are suffering as well. I've kept a diary since about 1991 or something mad like that, on and off until about aged 14 then pretty much daily / weekly since then (I'm 22 now)...but recently the stuff that pisses me off that I'd usually write in there, I'm putting in my blog. So when I do write in my diary I often get a feeling of de ja vu and I check back to see if I've written it already. No, it's just online...and it's public. It is now no fun for a snooping diary reader, in other words.

Thankfully there are redeeming features of Ze Blog. My diary is private, it's got really personal stuff in it that I don't really want other people's opinions on. So thats still a good reason to keep it up. This is more for venting generally at society, like my rant about fat people hoping that fat people read it and go 'ah yes, I am stupid like that'. Or that one day Jezza Kyle will run for Prime Minister and I'll have created a fan base of people to vote him in with me.

And best of all, I applied for a job with the BBC last week which required me to write about my 'experience of journalism, online blogging, or creative writing qualification'. Wooppeee! Who'd have thought: Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open leading to a job with the Beeb, now that'd be cool. Unfortunately this has given me even more reason to blog all the time, and err, I just thought - the job people could be reading it. Right. Now.

Hello! (Job please).

While I'm on the subject, other blog things I don't like:

  • Overdone sex blogs. The only one I don't really cringe at is Girl With A One Track Mind. Some are quite fun but others are just a bit...errr...weird and full on like 'He licked my fanjita and I knew we'd be together forever'. And why is it only girls and gay blokes that do this type of thing? Give me one from a male view, that'd be worth a read.

  • For some reason, annoys me. Don't ask me why. It all just seems a bit quirky and reminds me of that daytime show Loose Women in the way that its a load of old women laughing their heads off at stuff that isn't really that funny.
    e.g. 'Today I said I needed to go shopping for eggs and bread. Then The Twat said "I want eggs on toast for breakfast"'
    Comments: 'Bahahahahaa, men say the silliest things'
    'Oh ha ha ha, men don't listen do they'
    'What a twat. You should make him do the shopping, teeheehee that'll show him' Snooze.

  • When people don't reply to comments you've left. This doesn't annoy me all the time, just now and then. Like if you bother to reply to someones hard thought out post, they should appreciate that - yes? Or after a while you just stop bothering, I find.

  • Blogs that are fully made up of YouTube clips. Half the time they aren't interesting or funny to anyone apart from the person who posted them. And if I want YouTube videos, funnily enough, I'll go on YouTube.

So yeah. Great. How to know when you blog too much? You can compile a list like the one above. Shit.

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