Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Don't you just love it when...

....try-hard wannabe rebels / celebrity non-events like Donny Tourette from the Towers of London ("Who?" I hear you cry? Exactly!) get publicly ridiculed?

The other day I asked london cokehead whether this Donny Idiot was as much of a twat in real life as on TV, and the answer was in the affirmative. So, in tribute to this waste of speaker and stage- space, I give you some further evidence why some people should just not be allowed a hint of fame or allowed programmes where an ability to be humourous is needed.

Observe as a gurning Donny Tourette comes on Never Mind the Buzzcocks fresh from a stint on none other than Celebrity Big Brother, sticking two fingers up in an attempt to be down with the kids and anti everything like the punk fiends before him. What a rebel. Ooh, he really is too cool for school. Unforuntately he fails miserably and looks positively moronic in comparison to the hilarious Noel Fielding (Mighty Boosh) and presenter Simon Amstel. Thank god the other guests see fit to abolutely rip this cringeworthy attempt at being something other than a Z list big brother contestant. And the most funny thing about it is that he's oblivious to it all. Classic.

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