Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Beauties and Horrors of the Day

All praise the beautiful things:

  • my dress (as modelled by hanger / door. Colours are electric blue ish. Lack of good pics = camera not up to much, see below):

  • discovering the joys of a Wonderbra. How have I lived for 22 years without one of these? All those without - Buy one. Like, quick-fast.

  • The silver shoes that are winging their way to me via Dune online. Mmmmm.

All hark at the horrible things:

  • The woman rifling through a street bin in Leeds city centre. This did not disgust me that much. That is, until she stuck her hand into the McDonalds bins. I had to restrain myself from a) chucking up, and b) ringing my housemate to say 'URGH the most REPULSIVE, RANCID thing just happened...'

  • Realising that I haven't seen my new digital camera since Saturday night avec girls. Alas, it has gone from my bag and life. I'm pissed off with myself, big style. I fume when I think about it. It's making me angry to type about it, so I'll stop.

  • The bloke in front of me who fell asleep with his head resting on his neighbours shoulder on the train home. Could tell the bloke whose shoulder it was didn't really know what to do about the situation - stroke his hair or what. Isn't it just so British to ignore the fact that a stranger is using you as a pillow? Reminded me of a time someone met me from work and sat opposite me on the tube, only for their neighbouring passenger's head to rest onto their shoulder....and proceed in excreting rather stringy sleep-spit out of their mouth. Hilarious (for me anyway, they were both rather embarrassed by the whole thing).

  • I then saw the man whose shoulder it was pick something from under his (rather long and effeminate) nail, and pop it into his mouth. Mmmm, saving a little something for later, were we? He thought no one saw. I did!

Rankus milankus, no thank you very muchus.

Now I have suitably disgusted you, please feel free to share your own beauties / horrors. And 'why the hell didn't I get one of these sooner' must have items. I'm worried - What else am I missing out on???


the boy who likes to... said...

I really dislike the Leeds McDonalds in general.

Marika said...

When I lived in London an old lady feel asleep on my shoulder. I didn't mind it so much, but she was wearing a large hat covered in fruit at the time. She was so embarrassed when she woke up and realised.

lauren said...

back in high school there was a kid with a rudolf zit on the end of his nose in my physics class. he sat opposite and up one from me, and during a video i watched him pop and eat the contents. no lie. sickest ever.
haha, same class, the teacher (who had a nasal voice and super thick coke bottle glasses-again, no lies) said in mid lecture "uh, class, i don't feel a hundred percent" and dashed to the men's, which we could see through the window into the hall from the classroom. there was utter silence for about 30 seconds. then gagging. then a boy went to investigate, and came back gagging more and red faced.


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