Friday, 20 April 2007

What's with the leggings obsession?

Celebrities love them...the riff-raff love them...the high fashionistas love them...but I have yet to purchase a pair of leggings. It's not that I'm actively railing against fashion, couldn't get away with the look or condemning those who wear them; I tried to resist skinny jeans for months refusing to spend out £40 for the grey topshop ones worn by every girl (and indie-type bloke) and their band because the "denim" had this cheap waxy feel to it. But in the end, predictably, I spied a pair in TKMaxx for about £20 and thought oh to hell with it - and now they're a staple of my wardrobe.

But leggings...hmmm. There's something that unsettles me about this part of the 80s fashion revival and it's not the fact that, like shell suits, cycling shorts and bodies (remember them?), they dressed me throughout my childhood. It's not even the fact that 'everyone's wearing them' so I won't as a rule - which is a bit cliche even for me. (I've even given into buying a pair of converse trainers because they were £14.99 in this shop, although I have yet to put the said jeans and trainers together). Saying that, part of me wonders how good you can actually look when the girl walking towards you in the street, or the one standing next to you in the nightclub / shop queue, is essentially wearing the same thing as you. Leggings - beads - tunic type top / patterned dress, or worse still - just leggings on their own. Eek.

Doesn't one person kind of roll into another these days? It's a good look (on the right person) but no matter whats being worn with it, it doesn't really matter because you're making no more of an impression than the last person I saw. If thats not your aim, then fine. But I think a fair few girls want to make an impression through their clothes when they get dressed in the morning. The thought of wearing a pair of leggings out makes me feel a bit awkward, a bit like when you meet your friend before a night out and you both turn up wearing matching outfits. Almost like I would do it, but I'd probably get that sinking feeling that the hour I'd just spent getting ready and choosing my clothes could have been put to better use.

The same goes for these tunic type dresses that seem to be everywhere at the moment, usually accompanying the leggings. I went shopping a couple of weeks ago and tried to find a nice fitted dress or some brighter tops for summer. All of them I tried seemed to insist that I had a stomach in desperate need of covering up. I am not pregnant, nor am I fat - so why do all these dresses and tops make me look like I've taken to liking maternity wear? I'm not after skin tight, I just want fitted! I saw this girl out a few weeks ago (Oh how I wish I'd taken a picture) who actually looked like she was wearing a mustard yellow potato sack - now that's taking budget shopping to a whole new level. Anyway, it is clear that I am not alone in this and thank god, because I was beginning to wonder if it was just me who is getting sack-ified by fashion at the moment. Phew...

Anyway. Must do something constructive. Bonsoir.

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